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Lafayette Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

A side-impact collision occurs whenever one vehicle sustains property damage to the side cylinder or panel of the vehicle. These types of car accidents are also called T-bone collisions and could lead to serious damages and injuries. If you were injured in a side-impact collision caused by another driver, reach out to a dedicated car wreck attorney. A seasoned Lafayette side-impact collision lawyer could fight for your right to compensation. Call today and set up a consultation with a skilled legal professional.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Side-Impact Accidents

The most common causes of a side-impact collision are when an individual runs a red light at an intersection and when drivers fail to obey the traffic control device. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are common and they happen on a weekly basis. When drivers are distracted and not paying attention, they might run a red light and hit another vehicle.

The impact of a T-bone collision varies greatly from minor cuts and bruises to catastrophic injuries. A person involved in a side-impact collision could suffer severe whiplash at a minimum. Other commonly seen injuries include knee injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, and busted hips.

Immediate Steps to Take Following a Collision

After being in an accident, the individual should call 9-1-1. It is import to alert law enforcement and medical professionals. Side-impact collisions can lead to serious injuries, which is why seeking medical treatment as soon as possible is critical. The police should file an accident report and help with assigning fault. After the police and medical professionals have been notified, the individual should call a Lafayette side-impact collision lawyer. An attorney could investigate the scene of the wreck to gather evidence and help establish liability.

Available Damages in Lafayette

A side-impact collision claim is similar in many ways to any other car accident claim. Following a T-bone accident, the injured individual could be eligible for both general and specific damages. General damages include loss of consortium and pain and suffering. Specific damages are damages that a person could attach a number to and calculate easier. Specific damages include medical bills and lost wages. A skilled attorney could assist an individual with recovering damages. Therefore, it is advisable for injured victims to reach out to a seasoned side-impact collision attorney in Lafayette.

A Lafayette Side-Impact Collision Lawyer Could Help

While the results of a side-impact crash may be overwhelming, individuals could get support and guidance from a Lafayette side-impact collision lawyer. A seasoned injury attorney with experience in such wrecks could help a person understand which damages they are entitled to recover. If you were injured in a T-bone car accident, call a dedicated lawyer today. It is not fair for you to be left with the bill if the accident was caused by another party. Contact a hard-working attorney for assistance with recovering compensation. The sooner you call a Lafayette side-impact car accident lawyer, the sooner they could fight for your right to damages. Call today and schedule your initial consultation.