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Iberia Parish Slip and Fall Lawyer

Although many people might not expect it, slip and fall accidents can have severely damaging results. The immediate effects of a fall could be relatively minimal, but depending on the circumstances, catastrophic or even fatal injuries may occur as a result. Furthermore, falls due to a slip or trip over a hazardous surface or object are often avoidable. If you have been injured in a fall, dedicated Iberia Parish slip and fall lawyer is here to help you. Property owners are responsible to ensure their property is reasonably safe or provide sufficient warnings about potential dangers, and having a skilled personal injury lawyer on your side may help you succeed in seeking compensation from one.

Causes of Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall could be caused by a myriad of unnoticed or unaddressed issues. Something as simple as a spilled drink without a “wet floor” sign in the vicinity it could cause traumatic injuries. Seemingly minor hazards like bunched carpeting, cracked tiling, or uneven sidewalks could just as easily bring about serious injury.

Without adequate warning or care from property owners and managers, someone could sustain an injury that could have long-lasting results. It is the responsibility of the premise owner to ensure that all their patrons are protected from unreasonable danger by ensuring proper warning is issued. After reviewing the facts of the case, an accomplished attorney could determine if the property owner was negligent.

Determining Liability

In the state of Louisiana, a premises owner is liable for any injuries sustained due to unreasonable danger on their property. For the injured party to successfully bring a claim, they must establish that the premise was unreasonably dangerous, that the owner should have known of the dangerous condition, and that the injuries sustained were a direct result of the fall.

In addition, victims must file a personal injury claim within one year of the accident, according to the Louisiana Civil Code §3492. As a result, it is imperative that any personal injury claim is filed in a timely manner. An Iberia Parish slip and fall lawyer could assist in determining the strength of a potential damages claim and ensuring that all relevant deadlines are met.

Potential Consequences of a Fall

Slips and falls are not just harmless accidents. If someone is elderly, young, or has a preexisting medical condition, a slip and fall could be life-threatening. Even for those in perfect health, the potential injuries sustained in a slip and fall may be catastrophic and have long-lasting consequences.

In addition to the physical damages, psychological damages may also stem from a slip and fall. The psychological and emotional trauma from the loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship could deeply change a person’s life.

Of course, financial hardship could take its toll as well. Depending on the extent of an accident victim’s injuries, the costs of present and future medical bills may skyrocket. In addition to this, the injured party may face a loss of potential wages from an inability to work following the fall. A skilled New Iberia slip and fall lawyer could help in determining how much damage has resulted from such an accident and work to ensure they include every injury and loss in an ensuing settlement demand.

Consult with an Iberia Parish Slip and Fall Attorney

If you have slipped and fallen on another’s property, an experienced Iberia Parish slip and fall lawyer is available to help. Filing a claim may be difficult and complex without the help of legal counsel, so let a committed attorney help you to more effectively and efficiently seek compensation for your personal injury. Call today to get started on your claim.