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The Laborde Earles Law Firm Obtains Three $1 Million+ Verdicts for Clients

The Laborde Earles Law Firm, LLC is proud to announce three recent verdicts we achieved on behalf of our clients. As a Louisiana personal injury firm, we represent clients from a wide range of backgrounds suffering from all types of injuries. In the past eight weeks, Attorney David Laborde and Attorney Derrick “Digger” Earles have successfully represented three plaintiffs who suffered varying injuries. By utilizing their legal skills and expertise, the attorneys were able to obtain satisfactory verdicts on behalf of the clients.

Immigrant Injured in Rear-End Collision

One of our recent verdicts was obtained for a man from Iraq who previously worked with allied troops as a translator. He immigrated to Lafayette, LA to work as a mechanic. He suffered spinal cord injuries and had to undergo cervical and lumbar fusion surgeries after being rear-ended by a cement truck. His injuries prevented him from returning to his trade as a mechanic. Attorney Laborde and Attorney Earles represented him in court and St. Martin Parish jury awarded the man $2 million.

Navy Enlistee Suffers Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

A former navy enlistee was riding his motorcycle when a left turning motorist collided into him. The man suffered serious leg, arm, and hand injuries from the accident. The defendants offers a small settlement of $15,000, which our attorneys turned down. A $1.2 million verdict was awarded to our client after we advocated for him in court.

RN Suffers Spinal Injuries

Attorney Earles and Attorney Laborde represented an RN who was hit head on by a pickup truck. The truck had hit several cows in the roadway prior to colliding with our client. The woman suffered spinal injuries that required both cervical and lumbar fusion surgeries. While the defendant’s top settlement offer was $200,000 prior to trial, the jury returned a verdict of $1,611,000 in favor of our client. Have you been injured by the negligence of another? Get in touch with our experienced and dedicated team today to schedule a free initial consultation.