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How Much Time Does the Average American Spend Driving?

The American Automobile Association estimates that the average person spends about $9,641 annually for the privilege to drive. Unless you’ve got deep pockets, that’s probably a big chunk out of your yearly budget.

Obviously, the type of vehicle you own and the distances you travel are going to affect the cost of driving, but just sitting in rush hour traffic can cost more than you think. The AAA estimates that the average driver spends about 48 minutes per day behind the wheel and travels 10,900 miles per year.

Spending less time on the road not only will keep more cash in your pocket, but it will also reduce your risk of being injured or dying in an accident. Unfortunately, even the safest motorist can fall victim to drunk, distracted, and negligent drivers.

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Fortune: 2016 Was the Deadliest Year on U.S. Roads in About a Decade

According to Fortune, 2016 saw a spike in fatal crash rates, which were at their highest level in nearly a decade. Two of the primary reasons cited by the report were lower gas prices and more miles traveled.

More than 40,000 people died in crashes last year, according to estimates from the National Safety Council. The death toll was 14-percent higher than it was in 2014. The vast majority of these tragedies were caused by driver errors such as speeding, texting behind the wheel, making illegal turns, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In the state of Louisiana, there were 661 traffic fatalities reported in 2016. Although that only marks a 5-percent increase compared to 2014, it is still a trend in the wrong direction.

NHTSA: Driver Errors Cause 94 Percent of All Passenger-Vehicle Accidents

A 2015 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that driver errors contribute to about 94 percent of all light vehicle accidents. The most common types of driver errors were recognition errors (which caused 41 percent of all accidents), decision errors (33 percent), and performance errors (11 percent).

Nearly all of these collisions could have been avoided by driving responsibly. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are behind the wheel, all it takes is one reckless motorist to cause a serious accident.

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