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Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Motor Vehicle Accident

A motor vehicle collision can be difficult for all parties involved. Although it may seem intimidating, it is important to reach out to your insurance company quickly following a vehicle accident. Filing an insurance claim is the first step toward financial recovery.

What You Need to File a Claim

Before filing a claim, you must gather the necessary information. states that when you are submitting a claim to your insurance company, you should have:

  • Your policy number
  • When and where the accident occurred
  • A thorough explanation of what happened
  • The insurance and contact information of the other party
  • A police report and the department number

How to Speak with an Adjuster

You should be cautious when discussing your case with insurance adjusters as their job is to do what is best for the insurance company. Adjusters are not protecting your best interests; their priority is to minimize the payout amount. Keep this in mind as you discuss your case with the insurance company. Avoid saying anything incriminating.

Negotiate Your Settlement Offer

Do not accept the first settlement offer. It may take time before you realize the severity of your injuries. Taking the time to fully document your losses can help ensure you are appropriately compensated.

It is important to document all medical expenses and keep a record of how frequently you are seeing a physician. This documentation discourages your insurance company from blaming the fees on pre-existing medical conditions.

Additionally, if you decide to reject the insurance company’s settlement offer, it may start to “freeze out” your communication efforts. Do not fall for this stalling tactic. It is imperative to document how frequently you contact the insurance company as it may be helpful for your case.

Hire a Qualified Lawyer at Laborde Earles

Contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible could be vital to the success of your claim. A lawyer could help you negotiate your settlement offer and could guide you on how to deal with an insurance company that has begun to ignore you. It is also good practice not to sign anything from your insurance company until a lawyer has reviewed it, as some important information may be hidden in the fine print.

We at Laborde Earles understand that you may be stressed following a motor vehicle accident. While legal action may be the last thing on your mind, communicating with a lawyer can ease some of your concerns and help protect your best interests. Together, you could take the steps toward physical and financial recovery. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident, please do not hesitate to contact us today.