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Avoyelles Parish Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are an unfortunately common catastrophic injury sustained from defective products, work accidents, car crashes, and other incidents. Not only are burns painful and expensive, but they often come with a lifetime of emotional scars and trauma. Accident victims may want to employ a skilled Avoyelles Parish burn injury lawyer to help them pursue compensation for their financial losses as well as their physical and emotional injuries. Reach out to a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney today.

Determining Liability for Burn Injuries

One of the first and most important aspects of an Avoyelles Parish burn injury case is the identity of the responsible party. Liable parties could include dangerous drivers, medical staff, or product manufacturers whose negligence led to the plaintiff’s injuries. The victim’s lawyer must show the jury that the liable party owed a duty to the plaintiff and failed to uphold that duty. Examples might include:

  • Drivers who disobeyed the rules of the road
  • Manufacturers that made dangerous products
  • Doctors who prescribed the wrong medication
  • Employers who failed to maintain equipment properly
  • Property owners who did not install smoke detectors and sprinklers

Furthermore, they must show the jury that the defendant’s breach of duty caused the injuries of the plaintiff, leading to their damages. If the plaintiff’s lawyer cannot prove all of these key points, they may be at risk of losing their lawsuit and any potential compensation.

Burn Cases with Multiple Defendants in Avoyelles Parish

Depending on the specific circumstances leading to the plaintiff’s burn injuries, there might be multiple parties liable. The law allows plaintiffs to file one lawsuit against several defendants in the same case. An Avoyelles Parish burn injury attorney could help a victim determine if there is more than one defendant that should be named in their lawsuit, and who those defendants may be.

When more than one defendant is involved, the jury must assign each a percentage of fault for the plaintiff’s injuries. In most cases, several liability will follow Louisiana Civil Code §2324, meaning each defendant would pay the plaintiff’s compensation proportional to their fault in the incident.

It is possible for one or all of the defendants in the case to agree on a settlement with the plaintiff prior to taking the case to trial. If one of the defendants settles outside of the courtroom with the plaintiff, their settlement amount will reduce the amount of money owed by the non-settling defendant(s).

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If you or someone you love was badly burned due to the negligence of another party, you may be burdened with medical bills at a time when you are unable to work. Although compensation may be available for your injuries and associated losses, pursuing a claim alone can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, a seasoned Avoyelles Parish burn injury lawyer may be able to help. They could gather strong evidence demonstrating the defendant’s fault, persuasively present your case in settlement negotiations or trial, and fight tirelessly for the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.