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Lake Charles Paralysis Injury Lawyer

An injury that causes paralysis can be devastating, both physically and mentally. People who become paralyzed after an accident often need long-term care and extensive rehabilitative therapy. Paralysis can completely and permanently change a person’s life in many ways.

When paralysis is caused by someone else’s intentional or negligent actions, the injured person can file a lawsuit seeking damages for their injuries. With help from an experienced catastrophic injury attorney, victims can seek the compensation they need. Contact a Lake Charles paralysis injury lawyer to discuss your situation.

How Paralysis Injuries Happen

Paralysis happens after damage to the spinal cord or brain. When the nerves in the brain or spinal cord are injured, they cannot heal themselves and remain damaged permanently. Nerves that no longer function can result in the accident victim losing feeling and mobility in the affected limbs.

The amount of a person’s body that is affected by paralysis depends on the location of the injury. Neck injuries can cause quadriplegia, where the affected person cannot move or feel most of their body. Injuries located lower on the spine may not affect a person’s upper body but could paralyze their legs.

While paralysis injuries can happen in many ways, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that car accidents cause almost half of all spinal injuries. The sudden jolt of a car accident can cause whiplash, fractured vertebrae, or other types of injuries that affect the back and neck. Other major causes of paralysis include traumatic brain injuries, strokes, high-impact sports and activities, and falls. Paralysis may also result from medical malpractice or assault, such as a gunshot wound or stabbing.

Recovering after Paralysis Injuries

People in Louisiana who became paralyzed as a result of someone else’s actions or inaction can file a personal injury lawsuit. Under Louisiana Civil Code §3492, a victim and their Lake Charles paralysis injury attorney must file claims within a year of the date of the injury.

The paralyzed person in a personal injury lawsuit must prove that the defendant negligently or intentionally caused them harm. The at-fault person or company may have caused a car accident, started a fight, created a defective product, or acted in any number of unsafe ways. If those actions directly resulted in the plaintiff’s paralysis, they may be able to recover compensation.

In a personal injury case, a plaintiff can generally seek economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages compensate for the plaintiff’s actual costs as a result of their injury. These costs could include their medical expenses and hospitalizations, lost wages and earning potential, and rehabilitative care.

In contrast, non-economic damages provide compensation for losses that cannot be easily quantified. A person’s pain, suffering, and mental anguish are all bases for awarding non-economic damages. The psychological damage stemming from an accident should be included as part of a personal injury settlement or judgment.

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Becoming paralyzed causes drastic changes in a person’s life. Fortunately, the people who cause these accidents can be held responsible for helping victims recover financially from their permanent loss.

If you or your loved one suffered spinal cord damage in an accident, contact a Lake Charles paralysis injury attorney today.