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Car Accident Injury Claim: Settle or Sue?

A car accident can be devastating, interrupting your life, and causing mental and emotional stress in addition to the physical pain from injuries sustained. Aside from all this, there’s missed work to worry about, medical bills to deal with, and the concern over how to handle your injury claim. Deciding whether to settle or to sue can be a difficult dilemma. Enlisting the help of a great Lafayette personal injury attorney is a wise decision. In the meantime, the legal experts at Laborde Law Firm would like to offer you some information to help you decide whether it’s best to settle or to sue.

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

After your accident, when you begin to deal with insurance companies, it’s important that you understand two things: One, the insurance company is going to require as much information from you as possible; and two, the insurance company’s only goal is to pay out to you as little as possible. This means that even during the moments after the accident, you need to start collecting information.

Taking photos of car license plates, the damaged sustained to your car, and the accident scene can be very helpful. Also, get the names, driver’s license information, and insurance information from those involved in the accident. This is important because it might be the last time you have a chance to talk with them. The insurance company will most likely be the one you deal with from then on. It also means that if you provide insufficient information to the insurance company, they won’t be required to settle your claim with as much generosity as you probably deserve. This can become vital when deciding whether to settle or to sue. Remember to get as much information as possible, and remember that your car wreck lawyer is your true friend, not the insurance company.

Injuries Are Big Game Changers

The fact that you were injured, the extent and nature of your injuries, and the reality of the medical bills of which you will be responsible, can affect whether or not you should settle or sue. Don’t make this decision on your own; seek the advice of an expert attorney so that you don’t get cheated on your claim.

Don’t Be Intimidated

As you determine whether or not to settle or to sue, remember that the insurance company will try different tactics to intimidate you and use various tactics to influence your decision, or, simply, will try to get you to give up on fighting for what you deserve. Your attorney will be able to recognize these tactics and will protect you from them.

A Lafayette auto accident lawyer can navigate you through the difficult period of life that follows a car accident. Having expert guidance with your accident claim will ensure that you get treated fairly and get the compensation you deserve.