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Maritime Workers Scholarship

The Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC offers a maritime workers scholarship to a deserving student. The 2020 Maritime Workers Scholarship is $2,500, and the application deadline is June 15, 2020.


The Maritime Workers Scholarship is open to all college applicants planning to study engineering, mechanics, or other related maritime careers. Eligibility guidelines include:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Being admitted to or currently attending a college or university
  • Submitting an essay according to the application requirements
  • Using the form on the page to apply
  • Applicant agreeing to terms and conditions

The scholarship award goes to the best submission that meets all required guidelines.

Application Guidelines

Applicants must write an essay presenting their goals for their future post-higher education. Our legal team encourages applications to share with us how your chosen area of study will help you reach your goal.

We want to get to know you, so make it personal! Tell us what attracted you to the maritime field, what your dream position within the industry is, and how you plan to use the $2,500 in scholarship funds.

Please limit the submission to 1,000 words. Essays must be submitted in a PDF format, accompanying the application.

How to Apply

Applicants must apply using the application form on the page. The deadline for applications is June 15, 2020.

Those applying for the scholarship are encouraged to carefully review all guidelines and application requirements before submitting their final application.

Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC believes in supporting those pursuing their education and that it is one of the best ways to invest in the future.

From cruise ships to large cargo carriers, the maritime industry offers a variety of careers and opportunities for advancement. Tell us why this career appeals to you and you might just receive a $2,500 scholarship to help you on your journey.

Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC encourages students admitted to a maritime program or those currently enrolled to apply for this opportunity. The essay is your best chance for introducing yourself, identifying your career, and outlining your goals.

All applications must be received by the June 15, 2020 deadline. Essays must contain original work and accompany the scholarship application.

Academic Scholarship Terms & Conditions

Applicants for the Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC Academic Scholarship must be accepted to or enrolled in an accredited college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student. Applicants must use the scholarship application form on the Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC

Academic Scholarship page. Applications must arrive by the deadline indicated. Applications submitted in a manner other than by using the scholarship application form and applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Scholarship Committee

All applications will be reviewed by a scholarship committee. The committee will select one winner. The scholarship committee is not responsible for technical problems that prevent applicants from submitting their application by the deadline.

The scholarship committee will consider the qualifications of each applicant based on the eligibility criteria listed on the scholarship page. The scholarship committee reserves the right to request applicants to submit additional or updated information.

The scholarship committee’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Applicant Privacy

Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC will not use information submitted by applicants for any purpose other than to consider applicants’ qualifications for the scholarship. Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC will not sell or otherwise share or distribute the personal information, contact information, or any other information submitted by applicants as part of the scholarship application.

Announcement of Winner

A representative from the Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC will announce the winner. The firm reserves the right to post the name of the scholarship winner and post the scholarship winner’s essay, in whole or part, on Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC website, on social media, or via a press release.

Equal Opportunity Scholarship

The scholarship committee and Laborde Earles Law Firm LLC will not discriminate against any applicant based on race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, or any other protected category.