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“Granny Cam” Policy in Full Effect in Louisiana

At the start of this year, Louisiana’s Nursing Home Virtual Visitation Act went into effect, giving individuals the right to install cameras and monitoring devices in their loved ones’ rooms at nursing homes. Louisiana is one of only a few states with a nursing home camera policy, but many others are following behind.

This law was developed in an attempt to prevent nursing home abuse and to catch the perpetrator should abuse occur. Nursing home residents are often vulnerable and unable to report mistreatment, making the prevalence of abuse difficult to measure.

Requirements Under the Nursing Home Virtual Visitation Act

In Louisiana, the “granny cam” law includes various provisions. A resident may be permitted to install a camera device only if they have the ability to consent. The nursing home must be told of the installation of monitoring devices, and a sign notifying of the recording device must be placed at the entrance of the resident’s room. The nursing home must notify all new residents of their right to have monitoring equipment and are required to properly accommodate residents who wish to install such devices. All of the expenses, monitoring, and installation must be paid for by the resident. To read the rest of the provisions of the Nursing Home Virtual Visitation Act, click here.

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Transitioning someone into a nursing home can be extremely stressful. Families want to make sure they choose facilities where their loved ones will be treated with compassion, but many cases of abuse go unnoticed or unreported. The new law allows families to monitor nursing home residents to ensure their safety.

If you believe your loved one suffered abuse or neglect at a nursing home, you should contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer. With help from our attorneys at Laborde Earles, you could hold abusive staff senior care facilities accountable and prevent others from suffering mistreatment.