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Congestion Following a Crash Causes Subsequent 4-Truck Collision with 2 Fatalities

According to KLFY News, a tragic four-vehicle collision resulted in the death of two men late last month. Officers from Louisiana State Police Troop A reported to the scene on Interstate 10 eastbound at approximately 2 a.m.

Their investigation revealed that there was congestion on I-10 because of a different accident, and the fatal crash occurred as traffic came to a stop. The officers determined that a 55-year-old man driving a tractor-trailer failed to decelerate as he approached the congestion in the right lane.

His vehicle rear-ended another truck, pushing it into a third tractor-trailer, which proceeded to strike a fourth truck that was stopped in traffic. Both the driver and passenger in the first truck sustained fatal injuries, and the West Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office pronounced them dead at the scene.

The other drivers who were involved in the collision sustained minor to moderate injuries. Police do not suspect impairment played a role in the accident; however, they have taken a toxicology sample from every driver involved.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Motor vehicle collisions involving 18-wheeler trucks are almost always devastating because of the size and weight of these massive vehicles. As a result, truckers have a duty of care to other motorists on the road around them; however, those driving in passenger vehicles should remember that they owe a duty of care to truckers, as well.

Both passenger vehicle motorists and truckers can cause fatal truck crashes. For example, someone driving a passenger vehicle can cause a truck accident by:

  • Traveling in a trucker’s blind spot;
  • Failing to give the truck enough room when making a turn; or
  • Changing lanes abruptly, forcing the trucker to stop short.

Sadly, even if you make it a point to avoid all of the above as a passenger vehicle motorist, you can still end up in a serious accident. Truckers can cause devastating collisions by:

  • Falling asleep at the wheel;
  • Failing to maintain their vehicle properly;
  • Failing to adjust their speed for the road conditions;
  • Failing to load their cargo in a balanced way;
  • Focusing on something other than the road, like their GPS navigation system, cell phone, or log book;
  • Speeding; or
  • Failing to leave enough stopping distance between their truck and the vehicle in front of them.

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