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Strategies to Prevent Drunk Driving

According to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Louisiana ranks among the top 10 states in most deadly drunk driving accidents nationwide. The study found that Louisiana ranked 9th in the country, with DUI collisions accounting for thirty percent of traffic fatalities in the state. Additionally, the current percentage of adults in Louisiana who report driving after drinking too much is higher in Louisiana than the national average, according to the CDC.

The statistics on drunk driving and DUI related car accidents demonstrate a crisis in Louisiana that must be addressed. The legal limit for a driver’s blood alcohol content in Louisiana is 0.08%, but it can often be difficult for someone to assess on their own whether they are legally sober enough to drive. The best practice, however, is always to plan for some alternative means of transportation other than driving yourself after drinking.

There are various other strategies community members can employ to reduce the incidence of drunk driving in their community as well. If you see a friend who is about to drove home but may not be completely sober, take their keys, offer them a ride home, or even offer them a place to stay. A community can help one another stay safe if they look out for potential drunk drivers and prevent them from harming others with their actions.

Laborde Earles stands against drunk driving and encourages those in Louisiana to be safe this holiday season. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, the first thing you should do is call 911. Even for seemingly minor or insignificant injuries, it is always important to receive medical attention and take care of yourself first.

In the state of Louisiana, State Police will compile a crash report detailing your specific incident. To request a copy of this report, you can visit the Statewide Crash Report website here. Having a copy of this crash report may be valuable evidence for pursuing a personal injury claim against the responsible driver. When pursuing a claim, an experienced Louisiana auto accident lawyer could help you collect facts, assess relevant damages, and bring your case to court to achieve a favorable outcome for you.

In 2016, 7,587 people were arrested for driving under the influence and 225 died from drunk driving accidents in Louisiana. Do not let yourself become a part of these statistics. Protect yourself from the lasting impact of a drunk driver on your livelihood by hiring an experienced Louisiana drunk driving accident attorney. To learn more about your legal options for compensation, click here.