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School Bus Crash Sends Children and Driver to Hospital

According to KATC, a recent collision between a school bus and another vehicle at the intersection of Forman St. and Johnston St. in Lafayette Parish sent several children and the driver to the hospital.

Bus number 446 was transporting students to LJ Alleman Middle School at the time of the crash.

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Who Might Be Liable for a School Bus Crash?

A school bus crash is like any other motor vehicle collision in that multiple parties can ultimately share liability for it; however, determining exactly who is responsible for the accident poses some challenges. Many parents simply assume the school district is automatically liable for bus accidents, but that is not necessarily the case. Parties that might shoulder some portion of the responsibility include:

  • The bus driver and his or her employer;
  • The school board;
  • The governing body responsible for maintaining the roads;
  • Other motorists involved in the collision;
  • Parts manufacturers; and
  • The contractor responsible for maintaining the fleet.

Why Should I File an Injury Claim Following a School Bus Crash?

If your children were involved in a school bus accident, you may be so relieved they’re okay that you simply want to cherish every moment with them without worrying about the added stress of litigation; however, the costs of caring for an injured child can add up quickly.

You can either call in to work and lose the hours or hire a sitter and lose the majority of your paycheck to childcare. Add on the costs associated with doctor’s visits, hospital stays, prescription medication, and rehabilitation, and it quickly becomes clear why parents of accident victims want to determine who might be liable for their child’s injuries. Before you can secure compensation for the damages your family incurred, you need to determine who is actually responsible for causing them.

The thought of sending your children off to school on the bus might be scary, but buses are actually the safest form of travel for students. But collisions can still occur, and when they do, your family may benefit from turning to an injury lawyer in Lafayette for quality legal guidance.

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