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Personal Injury Communication Tips

Finding the right personal injury lawyer can be difficult, but it is still important. Here are a few reasons why you should find a personal injury lawyer for your case.

Help With Communication Protocol

A trusted Lafayette, LA personal injury lawyer can help you understand whether or not it is a good idea to communicate and initiate contact with the insurance company representing the person who caused your injuries. This can be a crucial part of any injury case.

A personal injury attorney will tell you that as soon as you have retained a lawyer, you should not under any circumstances, contact the other person’s insurance company. Making contact with the insurance company representing the person responsible for your injuries can jeopardize your injury claims. Anything you say, no matter how innocuous, can serve to give the defense a foundation to reduce a settlement offer or to deny liability. Simply put, even one statement or response to a question the insurer asks you can destroy your case. It is also important to remember that since you are being represented by an attorney, it’s a law in most states that the insurance company cannot contact you for any reason. If the insurance company does try to contact you, do not say anything regarding the case. Simply point out that you are represented by an attorney and all contact should go through your representative. You should inform your lawyer immediately if the insurer contacts you in any way.

Policies and guidelines about contacting insurances companies can be difficult to understand, but you actually can contact your own insurer under certain circumstances. While you shouldn’t contact or speak to the insurance company of the other party, you can contact your own insurance company in certain situations. If you are covered for healthcare, medical payments, or uninsured or under-insured motorists, it might be acceptable for you to make contact with your own insurance company. It is still important to discuss this with your attorney to ensure that it is appropriate. No insurance company, whether it be your own or the other party’s, should be contacted without first receiving approval from your lawyer.

Finding a personal injury lawyer can be the most important thing you do in your injury case. Looking for the right lawyer can be difficult, but you should find a personal injury lawyer in Lafayette to assist in your case.