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How Can You Prevent Friends from Drinking and Driving on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest drinking days of the year, and no countdown to midnight is complete without a champagne toast. According to Business Insider, champagne has been a staple at glamorous parties and celebrations for centuries.

Even the act of opening a champagne bottle is celebratory, and some believe the way it overflows is the perfect representation of the abundance and joy that the New Year will hopefully bring. Of course, a single glass of bubbly is not the only drink most people will consume on New Year’s Eve.

Even if you plan on pacing yourself this holiday season, you cannot rely on others to do the same. Sadly, drunk driving is a serious problem on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and it is often innocent motorists and passengers who suffer the most. If you or someone you love sustained debilitating injuries in a drunk driving collision, contact Laborde Earles Law Firm. A Marksville auto accident attorney will evaluate the circumstances of the incident to determine if you have a valid personal injury claim and are eligible to pursue compensation for the damages incurred. Call 800-522-6733 to schedule a free consultation.

Read on to learn how you can ensure your friends do not get behind the wheel while impaired on New Year’s Eve:

Provide Sleeping Accommodations

If your home is large enough, consider hosting the party for everyone, and provide adequate sleeping accommodations so no one has to drive once the clock strikes midnight. Air mattresses are incredibly affordable, and chances are most of your friends will be perfectly happy just crashing on a couch.

 Designate a Driver

Acting as designated driver may not sound all that appealing at first, but remember: If you offer to shuttle everyone around so they can drink all night, they will likely feel sluggish the following morning, but you will awake bright-eyed and ready to start the year off right.

  Present a United Front 

If one friend is especially stubborn about driving home after having had a few drinks, try not to use force to stop him or her. Doing so will only escalate the situation, and even people who are only slightly impaired can be unpredictable.

Instead, enlist the help of a few other friends, and approach the individual together. Talk in a calm, rational manner, and insist that your friend uses the alternative solution you provide, whether that is sleeping accommodations, a taxi service, or a ride with the evening’s designated driver.

Unfortunately, you can do everything in your power to prevent your own friends from drinking and driving, but you have no control over others and what they might do after spending the night celebrating. If you were in a collision with a drunk driver, you may be able to recover compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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