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Lafayette Deckhand Maritime Injury Lawyer

The boating and shipping industries encompass a large portion of Louisiana’s economy and employ thousands of individuals along the coast. Ships and boats could be dangerous workplaces that expose employees to serious hazards. Unlike workers in other fields, people who work in the maritime industry in Lafayette are not covered under traditional workers’ compensation laws.

Alternatively, injured deckhands may seek compensation for their losses through other means. Federal laws allow injured seamen to bring claims and legal action against their employers for injuries sustained during deckhand work. It should be noted that navigating these unique rules and regulations could be complicated.

A dedicated Lafayette deckhand maritime injury lawyer may be able to help. A seasoned maritime injury attorney could properly document your losses and evaluate your injuries to help you financially recover for your damages.

Seeking Compensation for Maritime Injuries

Maritime workers are not typically protected under traditional workers’ compensation laws. As an alternative to seeking workers’ compensation coverage under a traditional insurance policy, injured maritime workers who wish to recover must seek compensation from an alternative source.

Plaintiffs should note that there are federal statutes established specifically to protect maritime workers. The Jones Act explicitly allows injured maritime employees—referred to in the Act as “seamen”—to sue their employers for work-related injuries and associated losses. This statute applies to any employee who spends the majority of their work time on vessels in navigable waters, including deckhands.

Bringing forth a case under the Jones Act is the responsibility of the plaintiff. Because filing a claim can be a complex process, injured workers may wish to retain a deckhand maritime injury lawyer in Lafayette for assistance. A seasoned legal representative could gather evidence and documentation of any injuries and guide an injured worker through the Jones Act litigation process.

Common Examples of Deckhand Injuries

Deckhands serve as mechanics, fishermen, and general laborers on ships. Consequently, individuals are exposed to a wide range of hazards. This could include:

  • Falling tools
  • Faulty machinery
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Employer’s careless actions
  • Dangerously wet decks

Any injury that requires medical attention or forces a deckhand to take time from work may be valid grounds for a claim. Whether an accident resulted in long-term pain, broken bones, or severe cuts and burns, any injury that occurred during work or while performing work-related duties could be compensable. An attorney in Lafayette could help evaluate a worker’s deckhand maritime injury losses and advise them on the proper steps to take.

How a Lafayette Deckhand Maritime Injury Attorney Could Help

Injuries that impact deckhands and other crew members may have lifelong effects. Even seemingly minor accidents, such as slips, may require extensive medical treatment and result in time away from work. While injured deckhands are rarely covered by workers’ compensation, it is possible for injured parties to seek recovery underneath the Jones Act.

While filing a case in court could be intimidating, a Lafayette deckhand maritime injury lawyer could help you with this process. In addition to offering detailed legal advice, your attorney could help investigate an accident and gather evidence of your losses and injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation.