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The Importance of Wearing Bicycle Helmets

While Louisiana state law requires anyone under the age of twelve to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, children and their guardians do not always follow this rule. Whether kids want to look cool in front of their peers, forget to put it on, or simply do not have one in the first place, both children and adults make themselves vulnerable to accidents on the road when they decide to ride without a bicycle helmet.

Some cycling enthusiasts may argue that helmets are not addressing the root cause of bicycle accidents, which is often careless drivers. Oftentimes, motorists cause dangerous conditions for bikers so the burden is on the government to create bike lanes or sectioned off areas for bicyclists to travel.

Medical and public health experts still emphasize the importance of bicycle helmets in protecting against brain injuries and other head-related trauma. According to Dr. John Black, an emergent care doctor, wearing a helmet just makes “simple common sense.”

When deciding to wear a bicycle helmet, determining what type of helmet to wear is important. While any bicycle helmet bought in the United States must pass various safety tests, a recent study found that these tests are not always representative of the real-life conditions of an actual bicycle crash.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Virginia Tech have recently developed a more accurate bicycle helmet testing strategy. They issued a list of ratings detailing the different protective qualities of a range of helmets on the market.

Riding a bicycle on busy roads is always a risk, as congested traffic and impatient drivers rarely leave bicyclists the room they need to operate a bicycle safely. Wearing a helmet can make the difference between suffering serious, long-term injuries and walking away from an accident with minor injuries. Further, it is important to not only wear a helmet but wear one that is right for you.

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