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Rear-End Collision Involving 3 Vehicles Kills a 5-Month-Old Baby

According to WAFB9, a tragic rear-end collision involving three vehicles resulted in the death of a 5-month-old baby. Law enforcement officials claim the crash happened on I-12 on a Wednesday evening earlier this month.

Police officers responded to an accident report on I-12 eastbound shortly after 6 p.m. When they arrived at the scene, they found three damaged vehicles and an unresponsive infant.

Officers determined that a woman driving a 2015 GMC Sierra crashed into the back of a 2006 Hyundai Tuscan, which proceeded to rear-end a 2005 Saturn Ion. A mother and her baby were riding in the Hyundai, which was the middle vehicle in the collision.

In a post on Facebook, the mother claimed the baby’s car seat ended up in the dashboard because of the force of the collision. Responders rushed the baby to the hospital, where doctors placed her on life support. In a later post, the infant’s mother claimed the child died the following Friday.

The woman who was driving the GMC and allegedly caused the collision sustained moderate injuries. The driver of the Saturn refused medical attention at the scene.

The driver of the GMC submitted to a chemical test after the crash. Police do not suspect impairment played a role in the collision; however, the infant’s mother claims an alleged witness saw the woman texting while driving before the collision occurred.

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Can You Sue a Car Seat Manufacturer for Wrongful Death?

If the mother in the case mentioned above files a wrongful death claim, a jury may determine that the motorist who caused the first rear-end collision is liable for her baby’s death; however, there are other parties worth considering when naming defendants in such a lawsuit. For example, if there was a defect in the car seat that ultimately contributed to the severity of the baby’s injures, the mother would also be able to hold the car seat manufacturer partially liable.

Car seat manufacturers may not be directly responsible for motor vehicle collisions, but they can be named in personal injury and wrongful death claims because they have a duty of care to provide a certain level of protection in the event that a collision does occur. Unfortunately, defective car seats are far more common than most parents realize.

Just a few months ago, for example, CNN reported that Graco had to recall more than 25,000 car seats. And earlier this month, Diono recalled more than 500,000 child car seats, according to CBS News.

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