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Tasigna Lawyer

Tasigna (nilotinib) was developed by Novartis to treat chronic Myeloid leukemia. It belongs to the tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) family and specifically works to prohibit blood cancer cell growth. While this drug has been successful in treating cancer in a large number of patients. Studies show that it may cause extreme atherosclerosis in a short amount of time when given orally. Atherosclerosis could result in heart and vascular system injuries and even death.

Due to the serious risks associated with Tasigna, many patients have worked with a skilled Tasigna lawyer to represent them in seeking compensation for their injuries. If you believe you have a case, contact an experienced defective drugs attorney for a case assessment.

Conditions Resulting from Taking This Drug

Several studies have indicated that in some patients who take oral Tasigna, atherosclerosis may develop almost immediately after use. With atherosclerosis, blood flow is reduced by the narrowing of arterial walls from fibrofatty plaques and the buildup of white blood cells.

Atherosclerosis might lead to strokes and heart attacks, or even to unexpected deaths. To make matters worse, damages caused by atherosclerosis are irreversible. Wrongful death claims have been filed with the help of a compassionate Tasigna lawyer. Whether fatal or treatable, anyone suffering from this condition following taking Tasigna could consult an attorney.

Lawsuits Novartis is Facing

Novartis is being sued by several civilian parties for its failure to provide a proper warning to its patients in the United States about its grave side effects. A settlement has not yet been reached, although Novartis has paid a large settlement to the United States Department of Justice for illegal actions such as its marketing practices.

Despite mounting evidence, Novartis still has not warned its American cancer patients about the serious side effects of taking oral Tasigna. While the FDA has not stepped in to warn or protect patients either, under the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA), they are charged with protecting patient safety when it comes to warnings about prescription drugs. Patients may need to hold them liable for their actions through a civil lawsuit with the help of a lawyer familiar with Tasigna cases.

Talk to a Tasigna Attorney

When you are prescribed a medication by your physician, you trust that it has been deemed safe by its manufacturer and by the FDA. This is not always the case.

Drug manufacturers may at times care more about their profits than about the lives of the patients that take their drugs. This might lead to hiding information, a lack of warnings, and other illegal practices. If you were diagnosed with atherosclerosis or a loved one died after taking oral Tasigna, you might benefit from reaching out to a Tasigna lawyer for an evaluation of your claim. It is imperative that Novartis be held accountable for their indifference and lack of warnings.

A compassionate and qualified lawyer could help you seek compensation for your damages within an acceptable time frame. Call today for a free consultation to learn more.