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Insuring that the Insurer Takes Care of Your Claim

Although each claim is unique, and there are many methods that an insurance company will employ in evaluating a case, an experienced personal injury lawyer in Alexandria understands that some common elements, like the following, lend credibility to your claim and may help promote a quicker and more acceptable settlement offer. Here are a few suggestions to keeping your insurance claim credible, acceptable, and fast.

Mitigating Your Damages

Not only is it in your best interest as the injured plaintiff to recover from your injuries as quickly and fully as possible, it is your legal duty as well. Additionally, most insurance adjusters view favorably the claim of a person who follows his or her doctor’s recommendations, completes all physical therapy regimes, and actively seeks to regain a normal life. If you attempt to mitigate your damages as quickly as possible, you can guarantee that an insurer will likely favor your case.

Keeping Accurate Records

Ultimately, compensation for your injuries will be a dollar amount, and as your personal injury lawyer will explain, damages must be precise and certain, and not speculative, to be awarded. Therefore, you should maintain a detailed list of all the medical treatments you have received, including prescription drugs, even if the cost was paid by a third-party insurance provider. Be sure to keep all of these records in one place, where you’ll remember so that you can hand them over when necessary.

Staying in Touch with Your Lawyer

The ongoing process of a personal injury claim requires regular communication between the plaintiff and his or her attorney. Supplying needed documentation, scheduling depositions, keeping abreast of medical treatments and discussing settlements options when the time comes all require an ongoing dialogue. If your lawyer needs to explain to the adjuster that the progress of the claim will be delayed because you have been difficult to reach, the adjuster may form a negative opinion of you or at the very least may respond in kind by putting your case on the back burner.

In conjunction with your legal counsel, you have a role in advancing your own interest in achieving an acceptable settlement in your personal injury case. Be sure to keep in contact with your personal injury lawyer in Alexandria to be sure that your case advances as quickly as possible so that you and your family are able to return to normality.