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Fatal Collision Involving Off-Duty Cop Highlights Importance of Watching for Motorcycles

The New Orleans Advocate reports on a tragic motor vehicle collision that resulted in one fatality. The accident happened late last month, when a vehicle turning off the road and onto a private driveway struck a motorcycle.

The Marksville native riding the motorcycle was a 52-year-old police officer who was off-duty at the time of the accident. A 29-year-old woman driving a Honda Civic eastbound struck the motorcycle, which was heading westbound, when she attempted to turn off the road.

The motorcycle crashed into the vehicle’s rear. Although its rider was wearing a helmet, the man sustained severe injuries.

Responders originally took him by ambulance to Ochsner Medical Center-Northshore, and he was later airlifted to University Medical Center in New Orleans. He died there of the injuries he sustained.

The woman driving the Honda was wearing her safety belt at the time of the collision, and she did not sustain any injuries. When police conducted a breath test, it did not reveal that she had been drinking. As a result, she only received a citation for improper turning.

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How Can You Avoid Causing a Motorcycle Collision?

Collisions between passenger vehicles and motorcycles are often devastating for the motorcycle riders because there is nothing between them and the impact. As a driver, you have a duty of care to other motorists on the road around you, and this includes motorcyclists. You can avoid causing a motorcycle collision by:

  • Checking your blind spots before committing to a turn;
  • Exercising additional caution when turning left;
  • Keeping the volume of your radio at a reasonable decibel so you can hear motorcycles coming up beside you;
  • Leaving at least four seconds of stopping distance between your vehicle and any motorcycles that are directly in front of you;
  • Slowing down when road conditions are poor and giving riders a wide berth; and
  • Checking your mirrors for any approaching motorcycles before opening a door on the driver’s side after parallel parking.

Unfortunately, if you happen to be a rider, you cannot rely on other motorists to follow the safety tips above; however, you can ride defensively and make it a point to travel in a predictable manner in order to reduce the risk of a collision.

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