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4-Vehicle Crash on I-10 Eastbound Kills 2, Injures Several Others

KLFY News 10 reports on a fatal accident on I-10 that killed two and injured several others. The collision occurred at around 2 a.m. on Interstate 10 eastbound in West Baton Rouge Parish.

According to State Police, the crash occurred when traffic came to a stop on I-10 due to congestion resulting from a prior accident. The initial investigation revealed that Alex Willett, 55, failed to slow down and struck a 2016 Freightliner driven by Kimberly Mack, 48.

The impact caused Mack’s vehicle to rear-end a 2013 International driven by 53-year-old Bret Bay. Mack’s vehicle then overturned onto the median.

Bay’s vehicle rear-ended a 2016 International driven by Cleshown Weathersby, 30.

According to The Advocate, Willett and his passenger, 53-year-old John Mack, were pronounced dead at the scene due to injuries sustained in the collision. Several other parties suffered minor to moderate injuries.

Police do not suspect that impairment played a role in the accident.

This story is yet another tragic reminder that collisions on high-speed interstates can have devastating consequences. Besides the painful injuries and the heartache of losing a loved one, the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses can drain the savings of victims and their families.

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9 Tips to Help You Avoid Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are by far the most common type of motor vehicle accident in the United States. From distractions to drunk driving to tailgating, there are many ways these accidents can happen, but most rear-end crashes can be avoided by following a few simple tips:

  1. Avoid eating, drinking, texting, talking on your phone, and other distracted behaviors while driving;
  2. Monitor the traffic in front of the leading vehicle so you can anticipate slowdowns;
  3. Test your brake lights regularly;
  4. Avoid driving in heavy traffic;
  5. If a driver is tailgating you, change lanes and let him or her pass;
  6. Engage your brakes early when approaching congested traffic;
  7. Reduce your speed and extend your following distance in low visibility and inclement weather;
  8. Drive predictably to make it easy for other drivers to anticipate your actions; and
  9. Maintain a following distance of at least three seconds.

Unfortunately, even if you follow all of the above tips, you might still wind up in a serious rear-end collision. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a crash with a drunk, distracted, or otherwise negligent driver, turn to Laborde Earles Law Firm. Call 800-522-6733 to speak with a car accident attorney in Baton Rouge.