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Lafayette Maritime Injury Lawyer

While every job has risks, there are few occupations as hazardous as those in maritime industries. Injuries that affect Lafayette maritime workers are common, but unlike many other employees in Louisiana, maritime workers are not protected by traditional workers’ compensation policies.

Fortunately, these workers have alternative legal options to help them financially recover for their injuries. If you were hurt while working in a maritime setting, it is possible to sue your employer directly for your losses.

While filing a lawsuit may seem intimidating, a Lafayette maritime injury lawyer could provide significant assistance. In addition to gathering evidence, your personal injury attorney could help prepare a claim, file a lawsuit, and present your case in court.

Recovering Under the Jones Act

Maritime workers are one of the few classes of employees that are not protected under traditional workers’ compensation laws. Instead of requesting compensation through a workers’ insurance policy, maritime workers may file a civil lawsuit directly against an employer.

46 U.S.C. 30104, also known as the Jones Act, establishes this right. This Act states that “seamen” are authorized to file civil lawsuits against their employers for injuries sustained while working on a maritime vessel. “Seamen” include any individuals whose jobs normally require work on or around vessels that travel over navigable waters, including rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Individuals may be asked to demonstrate their service on a vessel to file a lawsuit under the Jones Act. A Lafayette maritime injury attorney could help workers confirm their employment, so they may proceed with a potential lawsuit or pursue compensation.

Compensating Injured Maritime Workers

Depending on their positions, maritime workers could be exposed to various hazards, not the least of which are heavy machinery, moving objects, or slick surfaces. As a result, workplace injuries are unfortunately common.

Even if the injury was caused by an injured worker’s own actions, it could still be compensable. Generally, an employee simply needs to demonstrate that an injury happened during maritime work or while on the clock. Common injuries that may justify civil compensation include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Broken bones, fractures, or separated joints
  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Concussions or head injuries

In short, any injury that requires medical intervention or causes a maritime worker to take time off work could be the source of a potential claim. Injured individuals in Lafayette may wish to connect with a local maritime accident lawyer to discuss ways to pursue a claim.

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Maritime accidents could drastically change a person’s life. Even after your injuries have healed, the pressure of mounting medical bills and lost income may directly impact your financial security. While you may not be able to file a workers’ compensation claim as a maritime worker, it is still possible to seek legal remedy for your injuries.

Injured maritime workers are able to hold their employers directly responsible for any losses. Though filing a lawsuit may seem daunting, a Lafayette maritime injury lawyer could help prepare a claim to fight for compensation. Get in touch today to learn how you could recover under the Jones Act.