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Louisiana Citizens Can Create a Digital Driver’s License for Free Until the End of May

Recently, thanks to a state partnership with Evoc, Louisiana drivers can obtain a free digital driver’s license. Evoc, the company that also created LA Wallet, is offering free digital licenses to all Louisiana citizens until the end of May, 2019.

What is a Digital Driver’s License?

A digital driver’s license, or digital ID, is essentially a copy of your physical driver’s license that is stored on your smartphone device. A digital driver’s license is legal for driving purposes, meaning that Louisiana State Police will accept the LA Wallet driver’s license at a traffic stop or other encounter.

The LA Wallet, meanwhile, is an app that can be installed on Apple iPhone and Android devices. The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco (ATC) rule authorized all approved Louisiana retailers and establishments to accept LA Wallet licenses to verify age and identity. This means you can use the LA Wallet digital license to purchase alcohol at retail stores, restaurants, and other vendors, provided they received the proper training.

What are Digital IDs intended for?

The original initiative for digital IDs was based on increasing personal safety and security practices in Louisiana. The idea was supported by a state representative who suggested that the LA Wallet App could be used to verify the identities of Uber and Lyft driver’s for passenger’s safety.

The LA Wallet App can verify another digital driver’s license or a physical driver’s license by scanning the AAMVA code on the back of the ID. The App draws from the State’s databases for real-time, instant verification.

Now, with the help of the app, you can verify a person’s identity in case of a car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, or bicycle accident.

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