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Third Bayer-Monsanto Roundup Verdict ends in $2 Billion Payout  

A California jury awarded $2 billion in damages to a couple who claimed that their cancer was caused by Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller. The found that Monsanto will be held responsible for $55 million in compensatory damages and an additional $2 billion in punitive damages.

Pending Roundup Litigation

Monsanto and its parent company Bayer AG are under pressure from consumers and shareholders to resolve the 13,400 pending Roundup claims tying Roundup to cancer. Claims that prolonged exposure to Roundup causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma continue to arise in courts across the United States. The next jury trial regarding glyphosate as a carcinogenic is scheduled for August in a Missouri state court, one of the first trials to occur outside of California.

Bayer Maintains Glyphosate is Safe for Use

Bayer insists that the key ingredient in Roundup weedkiller, glyphosate, is safe for use. The US Environmental Protection Agency released a statement on Tuesday endorsing the safety of glyphosate, while the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer claims glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans.

Supporters of the weedkiller say that glyphosate is a crucial alternative to tillage, a process that disrupts the soil and causes erosion and loss of nutrients. However, due to the widespread use of glyphosate-based weedkillers by commercial farmers, the compound is starting to appear in common breakfast cereals and snack bars made with crops sprayed with the herbicide.

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