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Can I Recover Pain and Suffering Damages Following a Minor Collision?

Most motor vehicle collisions seemingly occur out of nowhere, and even minor car accidents can be traumatic for the motorists and passengers involved. In fact, American Family Physician reports that traffic crashes are now the leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder in this country.

Experts estimate that approximately 9 percent of car accident survivors develop debilitating PTSD symptoms, and many more experience PTSD-like reactions following the crash. Considering just how traumatizing a motor vehicle collision can be, it is understandable why personal injury settlements typically include compensation for pain and suffering.

A serious car crash can have lasting repercussions on an individual’s emotional wellbeing that take years of treatment to overcome. Of course, minor collisions can also cause significant damage to the psyche, but they do not result in substantial settlements like more serious accidents do.

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Can I Recover Pain and Suffering Damages Following a Minor Collision?

If you were in a collision that was emotionally jarring but you did not sustain significant property damage or bodily injury, you may be wondering if you can still pursue compensation from the liable party. In general, your right to recover pain and suffering damages depends on the state’s liability laws.

In no-fault states, accident victims cannot usually file a personal injury claim against the party responsible for the collision unless their injuries are so severe that they incurred a fairly substantial amount in economic damages. The exact financial threshold varies from state to state.

In fault states, though, you can file a claim against a negligent driver regardless of the extent of your injuries. Since Louisiana is a fault state, that means you can pursue compensation for pain and suffering even after a minor collision.

If you do opt to file a claim despite sustaining only minor injuries, it is important to remember that your final settlement will likely be small. There are a few different ways to calculate pain and suffering, but each approach takes into account the extent of the injuries that the victim incurred. Thus, if you did not sustain any major injuries, you are unlikely to secure a large settlement for pain and suffering alone.

Individuals who have been involved in minor collisions often wonder if filing a personal injury claim is even worth it. For many people, it is worth it because it helps them secure a little extra money for taking care of their family.

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