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5 Things Your Auto Accident Attorney Must Know

You’re driving around Lafayette like you normally do when the unimaginable happens. A car slams into you. After the accident, you know to go to a legal representative, but what do you need to tell the lawyers? Will you get in legal trouble for telling them certain things? The following information should fill in those questions for you and leave you a little bit more confident about speaking with a legal representative.

  1. You should absolutely tell your car accident lawyers if you are insured or not. You may worry about getting into trouble, but they will be able to help you significantly more if they know your insurance situation.
  2. You must let your attorney know about any injuries you sustained during or after the accident. This includes everything from physical injuries to emotional trauma that may be the result of the accident.
  3. If you broke any laws leading up to or potentially causing the accident, you should admit that to your attorney. Driving under the influence, running a stop sign, or speeding are all commonly broken laws that your attorney will need to know about. If you avoid telling your attorney this information, the opposition may bring it up and push you into a losing case. Your lawyer may be able to mitigate the legal damage and still help you receive reimbursement for your injuries.
  4. Your auto accident lawyer will need to know the total amount of financial loss you incurred. This could be anything from hospital bills and vehicular repairs to wages lost because of missed work.
  5. Finally, and potentially most importantly, your attorneys will need to know exactly what happened before, during, and after the accident. They will need to know what you were doing that led to the accident and how exactly the situation played out. That includes whether you apologized or said anything to the other individuals involved in the accident. These things can each affect who could be found responsible for the accident.

A Lafayette auto accident attorney is going to need all of this information to ensure that you get the best result you can. Without this information, your lawyer may not be able to build a substantial case for you if it goes to trial. You want to have the best case presentation possible, so your lawyer needs as much information as possible.