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Rapides Parish Bus Accident Lawyer

Many individuals, from commuters to students, depend upon bus transportation to get them to their destinations on time. Buses and bus systems, however, are sometimes subject to error, and in the event of an accident, many individuals can be injured all at once.

If you were injured in public transit crash due to the negligence of a bus driver or another motorist, you could be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim. A Rapides Parish bus accident lawyer could determine your eligibility to file a claim and pursue the necessary legal actions.

Bus Driver Negligence

In some instances, bus accidents occur because the driver acted in an irresponsible manner. In these cases, victims may have grounds for a personal injury claim against the bus driver or their employer (under a vicarious liability theory). Bus driver negligence can take any of the following forms:

  • Poor or improper training
  • Reckless driving (i.e. violating the rules of the road)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

A bus accident attorney in Rapides Parish could help victims assert a personal injury claim against a negligent bus driver and pursue fair compensation.

Other Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus driver negligence is not the only cause of bus accidents in Rapides Parish. Crashes can also occur when the bus is not properly equipped with seat belts or other safety restraints. If a defective part leads to an accident, an injured passenger may be able assert a manufacturing or a design defect claim against the parts manufacturer.

The accident victim could also have a claim against the bus company, school district, municipality, or another owner of the bus for failing to hire capable drivers or improperly supervising them.

If a mechanic fails to make proper repairs to the bus, proximately leading to an accident, the injured passenger might have a legal claim against the repair facility. Finally, if another driver causes or contributes to the accident, then the injured bus passenger could file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against that driver.

A Rapides Parish bus accident attorney could identify the responsible parties and determine a victim’s eligibility to pursue a claims against bus companies, repair facilities, or other entities.

Compensation for Injuries

Rapides Parish bus accidents are unique in that they have the potential to injure large numbers of individuals simultaneously. Common injuries in these accidents include whiplash, scrapes and cuts, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and strains.

Victims of bus accidents could pursue compensation against the at-fault person or persons for medical expenses, lost earnings, mental distress, inconvenience, loss of use of a body part, or loss of family or spousal companionship. The exact amount of damages varies from case to case, but an experienced Rapides Parish public transportation accident attorney could help victims calculate a fair value for their losses.

Call a Rapides Parish Bus Accident Attorney for Legal Assistance

Bus accidents can result in long periods of medical treatment, suffering, pain, and inconvenience. If you sustained an injury in a bus accident, you should not delay in finding skilled legal representation for your case. A Rapides Parish bus accident lawyer could help you file your claim and pursue a favorable settlement or verdict. Call today for a consultation.