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Opioids Lawyer

Opioid addiction and abuse is a major health epidemic facing the nation today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the number of opioid pills that were legally purchased by pharmacies and physicians nearly quadrupled between 1999 to 2010, even when an increase in pain reported by our nation was not noted.

Furthermore, as per the CDC an estimated 91 Americans die daily of opioid overdoses. Prescription opioid overdoses accounted for almost half of the deaths in opioid overdoses that occurred during 2015, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Across the nation, counties and individual states have filed lawsuits against opioid manufacturers due to their marketing practices. Additionally, families who have lost loved ones due to opioid overdoses are seeking damages through lawsuits. An opioids lawyer may have the ability to assist you if you or a family member has been negatively impacted by the use of opioids. Work with a compassionate and capable attorney that could advocate for you.

The Problem with Opioids

Under the United States Controlled Substances Act (8 U.S.C. §812), opioids are classified as a Schedule 1 substance. Opioids are often prescribed for severe pain as they impede nerves in the brain that cause pain.

The opioid molecules adhere to receptor sites in the brain and work by blocking pain signals so that the patient does not feel pain as severely as they would without the drug. In addition, these drugs often cause euphoric feelings, which can lead to recreational use and addiction in some patients. Sadly, information released by the CDC reveals that as many as one quarter of all patients who are legally taking opioids develop an addiction to them.

A particularly dangerous side effect of opioids is that they decrease breathing rates and can dysregulate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the brain stem. Taking too many opioid drugs can cause respiratory depression, which can lead to death. Other medications can also interact with opioids to make these side effects more severe.

Circumstances for an Opioid Lawsuit

As any experienced opioids lawyer knows, the most common circumstances for plaintiffs in opioid lawsuits include:

  • Patients taking medications such as hydrocodone that cause the highest rate of overdoses
  • Patients given a prescription for high doses of opioid medications
  • Patients taking fentanyl
  • Patients who are or were on long-term opioid therapy
  • Patients who take opioids in conjunction with benzodiazepines, as both impact the function of a patient’s central nervous system
  • Patients given prescriptions for opioid medications for off-label (non FDA-approved) purposes
  • Patients who use their prescribed opioids with other illegal opioids or heroin

How an Opioids Attorney Could Help

Patients who were prescribed prescription opioids have suffered addictions, serious side effects, and even death. If you were negatively impacted by using these drugs a seasoned opioids lawyer could help you determine if you have valid grounds for civil relief.

A compassionate legal team could understand the heartache and shame that these types of drugs can cause and make it their goal to seek compensation for all the damages you have suffered. Get in touch today to learn more about the opioid legal services available to you.