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Opelousas Truck Accident Lawyer

Given their enormous size, it should come as no surprise that commercial trucks present a unique danger on the roadways in and around Opelousas. When 18-wheelers collide with passenger vehicles, the resulting injuries can be severe. 

If you sustained an injury in a truck accident, you have the right to seek monetary damages from the negligent trucker or their employer. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you could obtain the compensation you need to cover your treatment costs and get your life back to normal. To learn more about your options, reach out to an Opelousas truck accident lawyer right away. 

Potential Defendants in a Truck Crash Case

In most truck accident lawsuits, a negligent truck driver is one of the listed defendants. However, other parties could also be held accountable in a truck wreck lawsuit. During their initial review of a case, an Opelousas truck accident attorney could work to identify all of the parties potentially responsible for a truck crash. Some of the potential defendants include:

Truck Driver

The vast majority of truck accidents occur as a result of the truck operator’s negligence. These wrecks commonly stem from violations of Louisiana traffic laws, including speeding, failing to yield, or driving while intoxicated.

Trucking Company

When a negligent truck driver causes a crash while acting in the scope of their employment, a plaintiff has the right to file suit against both the driver and the trucking company. A trucking company could also be liable due to negligent hiring practices or failing to maintain their vehicles properly.

State or Local Government

In some truck crashes, the fault lies not with a driver but with the road itself. Roadways that are poorly designed or maintained can be a factor in a motor vehicle crash. In those cases, an Opelousas truck accident attorney can file suit against the government in charge of the street. 

Truck Manufacturer

Finally, it is possible that a defective vehicle part could result in a truck crash. If the maker of the vehicle or the individual component allowed a defective part to enter the market, an injured driver might have a viable claim for damages against them.

Damages Available in an Opelousas Truck Accident Lawsuit

The damages available in an Opelousas truck accident lawsuit can vary. Typically, the potential for monetary damages goes up as the severity of the injuries increases. Damages commonly sought in an Opelousas truck crash lawsuit include:

Medical Bills

The cost of medical treatment is a major expense most truck accident victims have to deal with. If successful, an injury lawsuit could provide compensation for these expenses. 

Lost Wages 

A plaintiff may also recover monetary compensation for any missed paychecks during their recovery. Damages could also be available if the injuries impact a victim’s ability to work in the future. 

Pain and Suffering

Another common form of damages in an injury case is pain and suffering. These damages are designed to compensate a victim for the physical pain they experienced in the truck accident. A compassionate lawyer could help and injured victim recover the damages they deserve. 

Reach Out to an Opelousas Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

If you believe you have a viable Opelousas truck accident claim, it is crucial that you speak with legal counsel right away. There are deadlines you must comply with in an injury lawsuit, and the failure to do so can cost you your shot at recovery. To learn more, contact an Opelousas truck accident lawyer right away.