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Opelousas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Roadways present dangers for all motorists and passengers. For motorcyclists, however, the risk of serious injury far exceeds the dangers that car and truck operators face.

Part of the joy of driving a motorcycle is the freedom of the motorbike. You are not confined within the frame of a car or the cab of a truck. Unfortunately, motorcycles offer little protection when other drivers act negligently or unpredictably.

A seasoned personal injury attorney could assist you in researching causes to your accident. Often, an Opelousas motorcycle accident lawyer could help injured individuals in recovering damages through the civil court.

Recoverable Damages After a Motorcycle Wrecks

Per Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315, when someone suffers personal injuries, the responsible party or parties are legally responsible for the resulting damages. Essentially, this law allows accident victims to recover compensation for their losses. After a motorcycle accident, these losses can be extensive. Recoverable damages in an Opelousas motorcycle accident case commonly fall into two categories: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages include expenses directly related to the accident that has a clearly defined monetary value. Non-economic damages are less tangible and compensate victims for the personal impact the accident had on their life.

Economic Damages

In most motorcycle accidents, the most significant damages involve personal injury to the biker and any passengers. Medical bills accumulate quickly, and emergency medical services like ambulances, operations, and extended hospital stays can leave injured bikers in financial ruin.

In Louisiana, medical bills can be demonstrated through receipts and imminent bills, so they would fall under economic damages. Other types of economic damages include property damages and lost wages while the victim recovers from the injuries.

Non-Economic Damages

A civil lawsuit can claim non-economic damages for losses like pain and suffering. As outlined in Article 2315, noneconomic damages can also include loss of consortium, society, and services. A motorcycle collision attorney in Opelousas can help plaintiffs identify all of their losses and pursue appropriate payment.

Statute of Limitations in Motorcycle Wrecks

All states have statutes of limitation that grant personal injury victims a limited amount of time in which to file a lawsuit. In Louisiana, plaintiffs generally have just one year to file their claim in court.

Therefore, individuals who suffer serious harm to their health or property must act quickly. It can take time to evaluate a claim and file properly, even with the assistance of an Opelousas motorcycle accident lawyer. To preserve their right to fair compensation, individuals should consider contacting legal counsel as soon as possible after an accident.

Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Opelousas

Nothing is more important than your health. Your ability to keep a job, enjoy recreational activities, and participate in the lives of your friends and family depend on a successful recovery. Unfortunately, regaining your health after a serious traffic accident can feel like a full-time job in itself.

During this period, you should focus on regaining strength and mobility instead of worrying about legal action. Contact an Opelousas motorcycle accident lawyer immediately for legal advice and support.