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Opelousas Offshore Accident Lawyer

Offshore injuries are a common occurrence on oil rigs, barges, and ships on the Gulf Coast. Beyond the added risks posed by large and powerful bodies of water, individuals in the maritime industry are often working alongside heavy machinery. Due to the remote nature of offshore jobsites, medical intervention can be difficult, and victims’ injuries may intensify while they wait for help.

If you were injured at a waterway job site, you could benefit from the services of an Opelousas offshore accident lawyer. A dedicated maritime injury attorney could help you seek financial compensation for your physical and emotional trauma.

Maritime Safety Laws

Various industries operate on the Gulf Coast, and a significant number of offshore work accidents take place in ports. Each port may have different safety regulations in place, making it impossible to look at offshore accidents as one-size-fits-all incidents.

Per Louisiana Revised Statutes 34 § 340.21, each port has the authority to determines its own safety and security plan. These plans cover all employees, ships, and other facilities connected to the port. According to this statute, many of the offshore facilities do not publish their safety and security plans, as they are confidential.

This can create a challenge for an employee claiming that the security plans were not followed to code. Additionally, because of the confidentiality of the safety plans, it can be difficult to determine if the employee was properly trained to ensure workplace safety. An offshore accident attorney could help an Opelousas plaintiff prove the injury was due to hazardous working conditions.

Statute of Limitations for Offshore Injuries

The statute of limitations refers to the amount of time an individual is allotted by the state to file a formal civil lawsuit. Under L.C.C. § 3492, plaintiffs must file most personal injury lawsuits within one year from the date of the incident.

If the injured party is seeking workers’ compensation as a result of the incident, a different statute of limitations will apply. According to L.R.S. 23 § 1301, injured individuals must report their damages to employers within one month of the incident to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. After this period, the claimant may be barred from workers’ comp benefits.

The statute of limitations can also vary if the accident falls under maritime law. If the plaintiff must file a lawsuit in federal court under the Jones Act, for example, they generally have three years from the date of injury. An Opelousas attorney experienced with offshore accident claims could help victims identify the applicable statute of limitations and file the claim in a timely manner.

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An offshore injury could permanently affect your life. You could be facing serious physical and emotional trauma, as well as new financial burdens. A qualified Opelousas offshore accident lawyer could help you recover damages for these losses. Damages could include medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages

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