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Opelousas Burn Injury Lawyer

Some burns stem from unavoidable accidents. However, when another person’s negligence causes your burns, a seasoned injury attorney may be able to help protect your legal rights. You are entitled to seek monetary compensation from the responsible parties. An Opelousas burn injury lawyer could help you maximize your potential recovery.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns occur when heat, caustic substances, or radiation damages or destroys a person’s skin cells. While burns are commonly caused by heat or an open flame, there are several types of burn injuries. These injuries include:

Thermal Burns

A thermal burn occurs when the skin contacts a flame or extremely hot object. Thermal burns can occur not just from hot physical objects but also from scalding liquids or steam.

Cold Burns

Much like with extreme heat, extreme cold can also result in serious burn injuries. These burns – also known as frostbite – can destroy layers of skin and even require amputation in some cases.

Radiation Burns

While not visible to the naked eye, radiation can also cause serious injuries. Radiation burns include sunburns and injuries resulting from exposure to X-rays.

Chemical Burns

Some substances are so abrasive that they cause burn injuries upon contact with human skin. There are many types of chemicals that could lead to a burn injury, including acids and solvents. These chemicals are especially common in industrial settings.

Electrical Burns

Burns can also occur due to direct contact with an electrical current. Common causes of electrical burns are faulty wiring and workplace accidents. Electrical burns can have the same charring effect on the skin as thermal burns.

Filing a Burn Injury Lawsuit

In many cases, the person responsible for a burn injury or their insurance company will negotiate a settlement with the plaintiff to resolve a claim for damages. When the parties cannot agree, a lawsuit becomes necessary.

Prior to filing suit, however, an Opelousas attorney could review a burn injury victim’s claim to identify all the potential damages. A burn accident lawsuit could seek to recover compensation for medical bills, mental anguish, or lost wages, among other damages.

There is a short window to file a lawsuit. Unlike other states, Louisiana has a strict timeline for personal injury claims. According to Louisiana Code §3492, a plaintiff must file a burn injury lawsuit within one year of the date the injury occurred. If they fail to file on time, the court has the right to dismiss the case permanently.

Discuss your Case with an Opelousas Burn Injury Attorney

Working with an experienced attorney comes with many benefits. An attorney could investigate your claim and help you pursue compensation from the at-fault party within the required time limit. Additionally, they could focus on the legal process so you may focus on your health.

While there is no requirement that you move forward with your claim using legal counsel, the consequences of handling the case on your own are significant. To improve your chance of financial recovery, call an Opelousas burn injury lawyer right away and schedule a consultation.