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Roundup Lawyer

The product known as Roundup, created by the Monsanto corporation, is one of the most common pesticides used in the United States. After creating it in 1974, Monsanto advertised the chemical as a safe alternative to DDT, stating that it was biodegradable and relatively safe for human exposure. This resulted in many farmers using Roundup on their crops and home owners across America using the chemical for weed control.

Unfortunately, we now know that Monsanto was aware of the potentially dangerous side effects of Roundup and failed to warn about them. Medical studies conducted around the world identified various health problems in people exposed to Roundup, ranging from ADHD and autism to birth defects and cancer. In fact, many countries in Europe have completely banned Roundup.

While this product is still legal in the United States, many people who suffered injuries due to exposure to Roundup have taken Monsanto to court and claimed compensation for their injuries, loss of earning power, and even for wrongful death. If you believe your health problems are a result of exposure to Roundup, a Roundup lawyer could help you file a civil suit demanding restitution for your damages.

What Makes Roundup So Dangerous?

Roundup is the trade name for the chemical known as glyphosate. Glyphosate is an herbicide that is designed to kill any undesirable plants while leaving other desirable plants unharmed. Monsanto even took the step of developing genetically modified seeds that were specifically immune to the poisons contained in Roundup. At the same time, they marketed Roundup as being safe for use on everything from a farmer’s crops to golf courses and home gardens.

Unfortunately, Monsanto also took steps to cover up the known adverse effects that exposure to glyphosate can have on the human body. In fact, a 2015 report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer found glyphosate to be “probably carcinogenic”. Many lawsuits, including one pursued by more than 30 plaintiffs in 2016, allege that Monsanto knew that Roundup was likely to cause cancer and did nothing to inform or protect customers.

Options for People Injured by Roundup

Civil tort law allows people who are injured because of the actions of other parties to demand compensation for their injuries. This includes holding corporations liable when their actions or products result in an injury or death. Anyone who was diagnosed with any health problem that is linked to the use of Roundup may wish to consult with a Roundup lawyer.

Dedicated attorneys could help people investigate their claims long before they go to court. In the process, they could work with medical professionals and conduct independent research into the effects of using Roundup and whether Monsanto knew about the potential risks. They could then represent clients in civil court cases to demand compensation for their injuries.

Let a Round-Up Attorney Help Fight Against Monsanto’s Negligence

In certain cases, the use of Roundup has been linked to rare blood cancers and other health problems. If you used Monsanto’s Roundup and were diagnosed with these conditions, you may have the option to demand compensation in court.

A Roundup lawyer could help you through every stage of the process. From conducting an initial investigation into the case to consulting with medical professionals and pursuing the case in court, an attorney could stand by your side every step of the way. There is a limited time to pursue a case, so contact a Roundup lawyer today to get started on yours.