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Lake Charles Premises Liability Lawyer

When you enter onto the property of another, you do not expect to encounter any dangers that could cause you injuries. However, if you do sustain injuries in this type of situation, you should be aware of your legal rights. Property owners have a duty to keep their properties in a reasonably safe condition – but when they fail to do so, they may be liable for any injuries that occur.

If you were injured as a result of dangerous conditions or hazards on another’s property, it may be beneficial to consult a steadfast Lake Charles premises liability lawyer for advice. A diligent injury attorney may be the key to recovering the compensation you need to heal. They may explain the different laws that impact a claim and evaluate your potential for action under the law.

Who Can File A Premises Liability Claim?

Injuries that occur because a property owner failed to maintain the safety of a premises could lead to claims based on premises liability. For a claim, injured people must have been lawfully present on the property. This includes but is not limited to people shopping at a store or those on private property with the owner’s consent.

In Louisiana, trespassers or unauthorized visitors  may not bring injury claims against the property owner. Therefore, it could be necessary to consult a Lake Charles premises liability attorney about who may bring forth a claim.

Conditions That Could Lead to a Dangerous Premises Lawsuit

Property owners must make reasonable efforts to keep their property safe for others, routinely inspect their property for dangerous conditions, and remedy any hazards as they arise. Failing to ensure the safety of a property could result in liability for any injuries that occur as a result of hazards. Hazards that could cause injury include:

  • Uneven walkways
  • Slippery floors, spills, or other hazards
  • Damaged stairways, or stairways crowded with obstacles
  • Unsafe or broken equipment

Property owners must also adhere to building codes and other regulations designed to keep buildings and homes safe for visitors. Failing to abide by these codes could lead to civil fines and penalties. In the case of an accident, a building owner may face liability for the injuries that result.

Allowing a dangerous condition to exist, particularly if a property manager is aware of the hazard, could lead to a compensable injury. It may be beneficial to consult a premises liability attorney in Lake Charles to discuss specific injuries and potential legal claims.

Lake Charles Filing Deadlines

Louisiana maintains strict deadlines to bring a premises liability claim. Under Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, which sets forth the prescription or prescriptive period, injury victims have one year from the date of the premises accident to file. Regardless of a negligent homeowner or property manager’s actions, this statute of limitations must be followed by potential plaintiffs.

Consulting an organized Lake Charles premises liability lawyer as quickly as possible following any accidents may be important. While there are some exceptions for injured minors, generally injured claimants may lose their rights to bring any claim if they fail to adhere to this deadline.

Get Advice from a Lake Charles Premises Liability Attorney

Severe injuries can occur when a property owner, property manager, or homeowner fails to keep their land free from unreasonable hazards. These injuries may cause financial hardships for you and your families. Medical bills, loss of income, and rehabilitation expenses all can result in substantial financial strain. A skilled Lake Charles premises liability lawyer may help you recoup these costs and alleviate your financial stress. Allow a legal representative to work with you – schedule a free consultation to discuss your injuries today.