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Mistakes to Avoid after a Truck Accident in Lafayette

Truck accident victims may have the right to recover compensation, but it is easy to inadvertently harm a case. Victims may be overwhelmed with calls from insurance adjusters asking for statements or pressuring them to accept a settlement. Understanding a few common mistakes to avoid after a truck accident could help victims in Lafayette preserve their right to compensation.

Apologizing or Admitting Fault

In Lafayette and throughout the state, many people are very polite and have good manners. It is very common for people to apologize at the scene of an accident, even if they were not at fault. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake. If the victim said they were sorry, the other party could take that as an admission of guilt. After a truck collision, it is best to put those manners aside and not apologize for anything.

Likewise, admitting fault at the scene of a truck accident in Lafayette is also a mistake, as any statements can be used against the person. An admission of guilt could come back to haunt the victim in court or during negotiations with an insurance adjuster. If an individual says that they are at fault, the insurance company is going to use those words against them and make it even more difficult to settle their claim, pay their medical bills, and compensate them for pain and suffering.

Giving Recorded Statements to Insurance Companies

Truck accident victims should refrain from giving recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney. Insurance companies often ask tricky questions because their goal is to pay the injured person the least amount of money possible. They do anything they can to undermine the claim and underpay the injured party.

Once the insurance company secures a recorded statement, they can use it in court later in the case. It can also be used during depositions to try to make the victim look like they are inconsistent or, even worse, a liar.

Claims adjusters are trained to do this whenever they are taking statements. They have tons of experience, and victims can be at a serious disadvantage when speaking with them. It is best to consult with an equally skilled attorney who could help victims give the proper statements.

Cashing an Insurance Check

When there are severe injuries or extensive property damage, the insurance company often wants to end the claim as quickly as possible. It is common for the insurance adjuster to make a very quick offer for a small amount of money for the person. It is advisable not to accept an initial offer, especially if the victim is still receiving treatment or the full extent of the injuries has not been identified. Victims should avoid accepting an offer or cashing a check until they have consulted with an attorney who can advise them as to the case’s full value.

Discuss your Case with a Lafayette Attorney

By avoiding these common mistakes, truck accident victims in Lafayette could preserve their ability to recover maximum compensation for their injuries. If you were hurt in a collision with a tractor-trailer or another commercial vehicle, consider contacting an attorney as soon as possible. A dedicated injury lawyer could provide sound legal advice and represent you at every step of the case.