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Hiring a Lafayette Truck Accident Attorney

There are many factors a person may take into consideration when retaining the services of a truck wrecking attorney. One of the most important factors is time. When a big trucking company is involved, the odds are that they may retain counsel and experts prior to litigation being initiated. It is recommended for a person to counteract those measures. Consult with an experienced lawyer for more insight on the importance of hiring a Lafayette truck accident attorney.

Gathering Evidence with the Help of a Truck Wreck Lawyer

It is strongly recommended to preserve all evidence from the scene. In some cases, unless there is a catastrophic loss, the police do the bare minimum investigation rather than a complete accident reconstruction workup. It is important to maintain that evidence since it can be potentially useful in an injury claim.

A person may also want to have somebody take pictures, preserve the scene, take measurements, and contact witnesses. The surveillance of surrounding businesses are usually replaced within 30 days, and the victim may want to make sure the recordings are preserved. They also want to make sure that the trucking company preserves the truck and trailer for inspection.

Important Things to Know about Truck Accident Claims

When hiring a Lafayette truck accident attorney, you are hiring someone who is familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Act. There are regulations that apply to these truck drivers. By knowing such regulations, you may be able to exploit a truck company’s inability to comply with these rules.

These truck drivers have different electronic systems that record different degrees of operation in these trucks, and that data needs to be preserved, whether that is a computer system that logs their GPS,  their speed, or their RPMs. A person in an accident should contact counsel before they talk to the insurance company.

When victims talk to the insurance company, whatever statement they give is going to be permanently recorded in the case. Unfortunately, these adjusters are not professional lawyers and sometimes they do not ask the best questions. Questions, even innocently answered, can be misunderstood.

Avoiding Quick Settlements

A person in a truck accident should contact an attorney early on in the case because the insurance company for a trucking company is likely to retain counsel and experts early. This allows for insurance companies to prepare settlement claims very quickly. A person should be wary of accepting settlements, especially without consulting with an attorney. Quick settlements are not always the amount a person is owed for their damages and should always look to seek the monetary compensation they deserve.

Settlements may not take into account any medical expenses incurred following an accident. A person could have suffered extensive injuries that required surgeries and physical therapy, which may prove to be very costly over time. By hiring a Lafayette truck accident attorney, a victim can also come up with an estimated amount of money a person is entitled. This amount should include medical costs and any other costs that may stem from the accident.