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Lafayette Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Heavy construction vehicles like dump trucks take longer to stop than passenger cars, which can lead to serious accidents. In the event of a collision, the immense size and weight of a dump truck can lead to devastating property damage and severe injuries. Furthermore, dump truck accidents may involve falling debris.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a dump truck crash, you may be concerned about how to handle mounting medical bills, and insurance companies may be pressuring you to accept an unfair settlement offer. Thankfully, an experienced personal injury attorney could help.

A Lafayette dump truck accident lawyer could fight tirelessly to protect your interests in negotiations with insurance adjusters and even in court, if necessary. Call today to schedule a case review and begin fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Dump Truck Accident Scenarios

Dump truck accidents can result in any of the same injuries as regular car crashes, from soft tissue injuries to paralysis to death. Due to a dump truck’s extreme mass, however, these wrecks are often especially severe. Other factors such as the speed of the dump truck and the location of the collision could also have a major effect on the outcome.

The substance being carried by the dump truck could have an impact on a case. The issue of what a dump truck was carrying and how it was loaded may need to be investigated. For example, if falling debris caused serious injuries, a truck accident attorney may want to investigate whether the materials were properly secured.

A lawyer may also want to see the construction company’s maintenance records, in order to make sure the truck was properly cared for. For example, if the truck needed repairs, its mechanical condition may have created a danger to other drivers. This could be valuable evidence during settlement negotiations or in trial.


After a dump truck accident, victims may be eligible to recover compensation for the same types of damages as in other personal injury cases. This includes general damages, such as pain and suffering, scarring, and loss of enjoyment of life. General damages, or non-economic damages, can be difficult to quantify, but an experienced personal injury attorney could help victims calculate a fair value.

A claimant may also be entitled to recover hard or special damages, also known as economic damages. These damages consist of easily quantifiable expenses such as past and future lost wages and medical expenses.

Reach Out to a Lafayette Dump Truck Accident Attorney

After a dump truck accident, you may be unsure where to turn. You may have extensive property damage, serious injuries, and mounting medical bills. Thankfully, compensation may be available with the help of a dedicated personal injury attorney.

Consider reaching out to an experienced Lafayette dump truck accident attorney for help with your case. They could be an ally and advocate at every step of the case, from initial negotiations with insurers to final settlement discussions or even trial. Call today to set up a consultation.