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Recovering Damages After a Lafayette Truck Accident

If you have been injured in a truck accident that was caused by another driver, you could be entitled to damages. The damages you may be able to collect include economic and non-economic damages. In very few cases, punitive damages may be awarded. To learn about how an attorney could help you with recovering damages after a Lafayette truck accident, reach out to an experienced lawyer today. They could help you collect truck collision damages by establishing negligence, collecting evidence, and negotiating with the at-fault party.

Damage Caps for Truck Accident Claims

In Louisiana, there is no per se general cap on damages. However, an appellate court can determine whether an award is abusively high or abusively low. The only cap on damages in truck accident cases for a political subdivision is a cap on general or non-economic damages.

When someone is faced with a cap of a political subdivision, that cap is only applicable to general damages. General damages apply to pain and suffering and other non-economic types of damages. However, there is no cap on economic damages or special damages. This means that medical expenses and lost wages are not subject to a cap.

Steps an Attorney Takes to Recover Damages

There are many steps a skilled truck collision lawyer will need to take for recovering damages after a Lafayette truck accident. As soon as an attorney is assigned to a case, the first thing they will do is collect and preserve the evidence. They want to preserve evidence that would not be available later, such as video surveillance, pictures of the scene, and witness testimony. The lawyer will want to do a thorough investigation to ensure that they have all the facts.

The lawyer will also request the medical records of the injured victim. This is so that that the plaintiff and lawyer will know how many medical expenses have incurred, what injuries the victim is suffering from, and what their future medical expenses may be.

How a Lawyer Could Assist With Recovering Damages After a Lafayette Truck Accident

Attorneys do far more than just showing up to court and litigating. The amount of preparation that it takes to properly handle a case is vast and it includes dealing with the insurance companies, gathering evidence, making sure there is no spoliation of evidence, preserving evidence, and handling liens and medical expenses. They will also help an injured person by trying the case, taking depositions, answering discovery, and deposing the plaintiff’s doctors. All the red tape issues are something that lawyers handle when trying to help an injured victim with recovering damages after a Lafayette truck accident.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, reach out to a well-established lawyer today to learn more about how a legal professional could help you. Recovering damages after a Lafayette truck accident is essential to your recovery. Call today to get started on your truck accident claim. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner they could help you.