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Lafayette Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Tractor-trailer collisions are known to generate significant injuries and property damage. In some cases, a blind spot may contribute to the reason why the collision occurred. If you or a loved one sustained devastating injuries because a truck driver did not adequately check their blind spots, contact an experienced Lafayette blind spot truck accident lawyer. A qualified truck accident attorney could evaluate the factors surrounding the wreck and work to hold a negligent party accountable. Reach out today and set up an appointment to begin discussing your potential legal options.

Factors Increasing a Tractor-Trailer’s Chance for a Blind Spot Collision

One of the reasons that blind spot accidents are more common with truck drivers is that they have an extended blind spot. This is because their vehicle is longer and higher off the road. These conditions generally create a larger blind spot. Another factor that may increase the chance for a blind spot accident is whether a truck is equipped with single-pane or double-pane mirrors. Additionally, the trailer that is being carried by the truck driver has a significant propensity to create more blind spots. For example, a box trailer is going to make it very hard to see what is directly behind the tractor. Regardless of the circumstances that may have influenced the collision, an injured person should contact a dedicated Lafayette blind spot truck accident lawyer. An attorney who is familiar with such cases could fight for a fair compensation that could help them recover.

How Might Driving in a Blind Spot Impact an Injured Person’s Level of Negligence?

When a motorist operates in a truck’s blind spot, it does not automatically make them negligent. The truck driver is supposed to be professionally trained to operate their vehicle. As a result, the truck driver should be aware of their blind spots and the danger of improperly executing a maneuver on the roadway without adequate visibility. Furthermore, they should maintain their obligation of refraining from weaving from lane to lane or create a turn that is hazardous to the other motorists on the road.

Common Injuries and Property Damage After a Blind Spot Accident

The most common effects of a blind spot trucking accident are going to range from the significant and devastating to the minor. Significantly with blind spot accidents, if the truck does not know that the vehicle is there, the impact may have another vehicle completely run off the road or crushed by an 18-wheeler. In these instances where the truck driver is often unaware of the presence of the other vehicle and the damage could be extremely devastating. If the truck driver is completely unaware of the other vehicle, then the truck driver is less likely to brake or take corrective action. Consequently, the smaller vehicle may be totaled or severely damaged.

Someone who has been involved in a blind spot collision may suffer catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, traumatic brain damage, burns, and fractured bones. These types of injuries could create the need for long-term medical treatment and raise medical costs significantly. It is highly encouraged for a person who has suffered such injuries to speak with a reliable Lafayette blind spot truck accident lawyer. They could advocate on an injured individual’s behalf and work to secure fair compensation that could help address a person’s medical needs.

Consult a Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer in Lafayette

If you were injured due to a reckless truck driver who did not check their blind spots, partner with a skilled Lafayette blind spot truck accident lawyer. An attorney who understands the different aspects of these cases could fiercely advocate on an injured person’s behalf and fight to ensure the insurance company does not take advantage of them. Call today and set up an appointment to start reviewing your potential legal options.