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Preventing Lafayette Bad Weather Truck Accidents

Roads in Lafayette and around Louisiana are known to be some of the worst in the country in terms of maintenance and safety, which causes them to be especially susceptible to the effects of bad weather. Lafayette experiences frequent thunderstorms, flooding, and high winds, which can fill the roads with tree limbs and other debris.

When a tractor-trailer or another large commercial vehicle encounters these conditions, they may be unable to stop in time to avoid a hazard. Trucks could collide with debris, swerve and hit another vehicle, or even roll over and block the roadway. Due to their size and weight, trucks can cause devastating injuries and extensive property damage in the event of an accident.

Unfortunately, preventing bad-weather truck accidents is not always possible. However, poor weather obligates truck drivers to exercise greater care. If a trucker drives in a way that is unsafe for the conditions and causes an accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation.

Evidence Used in Truck Accident Litigation

There are a few different things that could be used as evidence to prove that weather conditions were the cause of a truck accident. Victims and their attorneys often use photographs, which makes it critical to fully document an accident as soon as possible. If one is able to take pictures of a particular weather condition, this evidence could make a difference. The police officers who respond to the scene may also be able to collect documentation.

Additionally, weather reports have been used in accident trials. For example, information from the National Weather Service or even local meteorologists could demonstrate that at a particular time and place, it was raining, the winds were at a certain speed, or there was a tornado.

Steps to Prevent Weather-Related Accidents

To protect themselves from accidents, drivers should first check the weather before hitting the road. If the forecast calls for severe weather, they may want to stay at home or wait a little bit longer before leaving. Louisiana has hurricanes, so in some cases, the city or parish may put a curfew in place during a storm. It is important to listen to those warnings.

Likewise, if there is a tornado warning or other type of severe weather warning or watch, it is may be best to stay at home and avoid the roads altogether. If someone has to drive, it is important to go slowly, be cautious, and be aware of the road conditions. If high water covers the road, it is important to avoid it and use a different route.

Speak to a Lafayette Attorney About Your Truck Accident

When severe weather strikes Lafayette, truckers have a duty to drive carefully to prevent accidents. Driving too fast or following another vehicle too closely could constitute negligence, making them responsible for any resulting accidents.

If you were hurt in a collision, you should not have to bear the burden of your medical expenses and lost wages. Reach out to a skilled Lafayette attorney to discuss your case. After a careful analysis of the facts, they could hold the negligent truck driver accountable and fight for fair compensation on your behalf. Call today to schedule a consultation.