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Lafayette Truck Accident Lawyer

There are significant differences between automobile accidents and truck accidents when it comes to the consequences as well as the manner in which they are litigated. Passenger vehicles can suffer substantial damage when they are involved in collisions with commercial vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or more. There are many causes of truck accidents, and a number of them are easily preventable.

While state and federal laws and regulations for the trucking industry are in place, companies and drivers often ignore these in an attempt to compete or to increase profits. This can result in tragedy for the victims of truck accidents and their families.

An accomplished Lafayette truck accident attorney with proven credentials and experience in handling such kinds of cases can help you through this difficult time while advocating for your rights.

Determining Liability in Truck Accidents

A truck accident case can have several defendants. This can include the owner of the truck, the owner of the trailer, the truck driver, and the company that employs the driver. The agency that loaded the cargo on the truck, the company that handled the truck’s maintenance or repairs, and the company that leased the trailer or truck may also be possible defendants depending on the circumstances that lead to the crash.

A thorough investigation will be required to sort through the complexities to determine truck accident liability. An experienced Lafayette truck accident lawyer can help determine which of the parties involved made the mistake that caused the accident.

Type of Damages that are Compensable in Lafayette

There are two broad categories of damages in a truck accident – economic and non-economic. The former is comprised of medical costs both past and future, property damage, and lost wages – past and future. Non-economic damages are much more difficult to quantify. They can include emotional distress, mental anguish, and other types of psychological harm that can result from a serious truck accident.

If the accident was fatal, the survivors of the deceased may also seek compensation for their losses. Anyone considering filing a claim for a truck crash should speak with an experienced Lafayette truck accident lawyer to determine the type of compensation they may be eligible for.

How a Lafayette Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

Louisiana has an extremely strict prescriptive period. Anyone considering filing a suit usually has only one year from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit. This is why it is important to consult with a qualified Lafayette truck accident attorney at the earliest possible opportunity. Due to the unique aspects of truck accident cases and the grave injuries they may lead to, it is essential to have sufficient professional legal expertise on your side.

Irrespective of whether your accident was with an eighteen-wheeler or any other kind of truck, an accomplished Lafayette truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you are entitled to from the trucking company, insurance company, and other liable parties.

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