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Lafayette Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Placing a loved one in a nursing home could be one of the most difficult decisions a family member has to make. It might be painful to take them out of their home and place them in the care of strangers, but one may do so if they believe a nursing home is better qualified to provide 24-hour care for their loved ones’ specific needs. While these facilities often advertise their dedication to giving care and attention your loved ones deserve, nursing home employees may take advantage of seniors’ inability to care for themselves.

If you suspect or know that a loved one is being abused in a nursing home, a Lafayette nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help you put a stop to it and punish responsible individuals. A compassionate personal injury lawyer could help you recover compensation for any injuries and losses suffered as a result of this treatment.

Types of Abuse to Consider

Residents of nursing homes should be treated with dignity and respect, but nevertheless, abuses may occur in various forms. This includes physical, neglect, financial, and emotional abuse.


The most obvious type of abuse is physical, which may include situations where the nursing home staff intentionally harms the resident by hitting, restraining, sexually violating, and force-feeding the resident.


Neglect might occur if the nursing home staff fails to properly care for their residents, including failing to feed, provide sanitary conditions within the nursing home, and provide required medical care or medications to residents.


Financial abuse could occur if nursing home employees have access to residents’ checkbooks and other financial and personal information This provides staff members with an opportunity to forge signatures, write phony checks, or encourage the nursing home resident to change their will or engage in ill-advised financial transactions.


Many residents may also suffer from emotional abuse. This form of abuse may occur when members of a nursing home’s staff verbally insult, humiliate, or threaten the nursing home resident. Isolating the resident is also considered emotional or psychological abuse.

A Lafayette nursing home abuse lawyer could help a resident’s family and friends understand what is considered abuse.

Common Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse

It is important that family members who have entrusted their loved ones to the care of a nursing home remain vigilant in order to detect the symptoms of potential abuse. These symptoms may include:

  • Evidence of physical abuse or neglect, such as bruising, scars, bed sores, etc.
  • Change in your senior’s behavior including being withdrawn and not communicating
  • Unusual financial activity that does not match the nursing home resident’s typical spending patterns
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Other alterations in the resident’s appearance and general hygiene
  • Unanticipated changes to the resident’s will

Contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer in Lafayette as soon as any one of these signs are detected may help stop the abuse.

Work with a Lafayette Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If your loved one has been abused while residing in a nursing home, they may be entitled to recover damages. A Lafayette nursing home abuse lawyer could help punish those who are responsible and aggressively pursue compensation for pain and suffering, the cost of living expenses resulting from the abuse, medical expenses, and punitive damages.

Since many nursing homes are owned by large corporations with extensive legal teams, it could be important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as any symptoms of abuse appear. Consult a Lafayette nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your right to compensation.