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Lafayette Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of every four deaths in the United States is caused by cancer. In the state of Louisiana alone, an age-adjusted rate of new cancer cases was reported at 477.5 per 100,000 people.

Failing to detect cancer or misdiagnosing symptoms could prevent you from obtaining the necessary treatment you need to mitigate and manage the effects of this deadly disease. Though healthcare professionals have improved tools at their disposal to detect and assist those with cancer, costly mistakes continue to plague the nation.

A disastrous error at best, a simple misdiagnosis may result in permanent damage to your health and future, but help from a qualified medical malpractice attorney could provide some measure of hope. An experienced Lafayette cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could provide respite by fighting on your behalf to seek financial compensation for the medical error that harmed you.

Key Facts About Misdiagnosis

In Louisiana, civil cases that involve a misdiagnosis are relatively complex due to a variety of factors. Because cancer is generally evaluated in several stages, proving negligence involves a series of steps.

For instance, if cancer could have been detected during its early stages but was not, the affected patient may have grounds to pursue a cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit. However, a potential counter-argument to this example is that not all types of cancer can be detected during their early stages. Simply put, if a doctor were to detect cancer at a later stage, it does not necessarily mean they failed to act appropriately in terms of disclosing this information to the patient.

Potential Impact of a Misdiagnosis

Frequently, a doctor’s inability to diagnose cancer does indeed happen in a clinical setting. Because cancer is commonly detected during a physical examination, there are cases in which doctors treat the disease as something far less serious or miss a crucial aspect that would pinpoint the malignancy.

In the event that multiple cancer warning signs are uncovered, such as abnormal growths or lesions, dramatic weight loss, or symptoms of fatigue, it is the doctor’s responsibility to order appropriate testing to confirm any potential diagnosis. Upon further validation that there is indeed cancerous growth, treatment options, referrals, and recommendations should then be passed on to the patient. As a result, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer can have a dramatic negative impact on a patient’s health and even lead to death.

Role of Accountability in Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

In some cases, medical professionals may not look to promptly refer the patient to a specialist, despite the best interests of the patient, due to the financial interests of insurance carriers. The devastating repercussions of prioritizing finances above the personal health of the patient can jeopardize the patient’s quality of life—and can be considered evidence of medical malfeasance in civil court.

Provided there is significant evidence that a medical professional misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose cancer, an individual may pursue a malpractice suit to seek financial damages. A seasoned Lafayette cancer misdiagnosis lawyer may proceed by exploring if the physician failed to conform to the medical standard of care. Specifically, the attorney would seek to determine whether the doctor made a mistake that an otherwise prudent doctor would not have made under similar or identical circumstances.

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A misdiagnosis can have severe repercussions on your life. Due to the deadly nature of the disease, failing to diagnose cancer can lead to a multitude of health concerns.

When it comes to fighting back against mistakes in the field of medicine, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable Lafayette cancer misdiagnosis lawyer. To learn more about your rights and how a qualified attorney could work to protect them, call today.