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Lafayette Commercial Fishing Injury Lawyer

Although commercial fishing around Lafayette yields high profits, the industry is dangerous, and workers are prone to serious injuries. If you have suffered injuries while working aboard a fishing vessel, an experienced lawyer may be able to help you recover fair compensation.

Call a Lafayette commercial fishing injury lawyer today to learn more about your legal options. With help from an attorney, you could hold negligent employers or boat owners accountable for your losses.

Common Injuries on Commercial Fishing Boats

Injuries on commercial fishing vessels are unfortunately all too common in Lafayette. Some of the most common injuries include the following:

  • Traumatic head injuries from swinging pulleys and shackles
  • Crush injuries from winches and lines
  • Back injuries from pulling and pushing heavy items on board without mechanical assistance

Accident victims who suffer any of these injuries while on board a commercial fishing vessel could require long-term medical care. In some cases, they may even become permanently disabled and unable to continue working in the industry. A Lafayette commercial fishing injury attorney could review the accident and injuries and determine whether an injured worker might have a valid legal claim against his or her employer or the business owner.

Why Injuries Occur on Commercial Fishing Vessels

Injuries on commercial fishing vessels could happen for a number of different reasons. In some instances, they might occur because the boat owner fails to maintain the property in a reasonable manner, such as by failing to ensure that the boat decks remain clean and free of debris.

At other times, the owner could fail to maintain the safety equipment that workers use while they are on board, such as emergency signaling equipment and life vests. The boat owner or commercial fishing company might also overwork their employees or fail to supervise them in a reasonable manner, leading to accidents.

In any case, when workers suffer injuries because of their employer’s negligence or that of the boat owner, they might be eligible to file a claim under the Jones Act, or pursuant to some other federal or state law on the books.

A Lafayette commercial fishing injury attorney could assist with filing a claim in the proper court and pursuing compensation on behalf of the injured worker.

Available Damages in Commercial Fishing Boat Accident Cases

Commercial fishing boat workers who suffer their injuries while they are on the job could make a claim for monetary damages against their employer, the boat owner, or some other individual or entity, depending upon the circumstances of the accident.

First, victims of commercial fishing boat accidents could recover compensation for all of the medical costs and physical therapy expenses related to the injury or injuries they suffered while on board. Next, accident victims could recover compensation for the wages they lost while recovering from their accident. Finally, accident victims could make a claim for pain and suffering, representing the lost quality of life and inconvenience they suffered because of their injuries.

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If you suffered injuries while working aboard a commercial fishing vessel, you have no time to lose in seeking experienced legal counsel. Call a Lafayette commercial fishing injury lawyer today for help settling or litigating your case and pursuing fair compensation for your injuries.