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Lafayette Barge Accident Lawyer

Barge accidents, like other accidents that occur on seaworthy vessels, fall under the umbrella of maritime law. Victims of barge accidents can suffer potentially life-altering injuries that can impact their ability to earn an income and support their families.

If you have suffered one or more significant injuries in a Lafayette barge accident, you should consider seeking legal counsel as soon as possible. A Lafayette barge accident lawyer could evaluate the circumstances that led to your accident and could provide advice about your options. If you have grounds for legal action, they could help you pursue just compensation.

Dangerous Conditions on Barges

Accidents can occur on almost any type of barge or other vessel. Dangerous conditions on barges often arise when the owners fail to adequately maintain the premises on-board, including the platforms, equipment, and ropes. Accidents can also occur when an employer’s safety standards are lacking or when the equipment itself is defective.

When it comes to responsibility for defective conditions on barges, several individuals or legal entities could share in the blame. The injury victim’s employer, as well as the barge owner, might have concurrent liability, while equipment manufacturers could be directly or indirectly responsible for equipment defects that lead to injuries.

Pursuing Compensation Under the Jones Act

The laws which apply to maritime accident cases are significantly different from those involved in motor vehicle crash lawsuits and other personal injury actions. First, maritime accidents often proceed in the federal court system, as opposed to the state court system, and federal law may apply to the case.

One such applicable federal law is the Jones Act – commonly known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. This law often applies to maritime injury cases, including those that involve barges and other seaworthy vessels.

Under the Jones Act, injured workers aboard a barge or other vessel have the ability to file a lawsuit against their employer for injuries suffered while they were working. The Jones Act takes the place of traditional workers’ compensation laws, which compensate injured workers for their on-the-job injuries – regardless of who or what caused those injuries.

Barge accident cases and traditional workers’ compensation cases are very different, and the applicable laws differ significantly. Consequently, accident victims should consider having a Lafayette barge accident attorney on their side who is familiar with Jones Act. These cases can quickly become complex, but an experienced attorney understands how to effectively pursue fair compensation on an injured worker’s behalf.

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Victims of barge accidents often face terrible consequences. In addition to potential financial hardships, including lost earnings and medical bills, accident victims may be incapacitated and endure constant pain and suffering for the rest of their lives.

When it comes to pursuing a maritime injury claim, having an experienced lawyer on your side can be a tremendous help. A Lafayette barge accident lawyer could help you understand the significant differences between Jones Act lawsuits and ordinary workers’ compensation. Based on the circumstances, they could devise the best strategy for helping you move forward. Call today to set up a consultation.