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Lafayette Dog Bite Claims

If you suffered serious injuries due to a dog bite, you should consider retaining legal representation. You may be entitled to compensation for the full extent of your losses, but Lafayette dog bite claims can be difficult to pursue alone. A qualified attorney could provide guidance and support through every step of the process and fight tirelessly for a fair settlement.

Common Injuries From Animal Attacks

As with all personal injury claims, the severity of the injuries and emotional trauma have an impact on the compensation received. Common physical harms sustained in animal attacks include puncture wounds and lacerations that often become infected.  Many victims require stitches or surgeries. In especially severe cases, victims are left with permanent disfigurements that require plastic surgery.

Additionally, many people suffer from emotional trauma, especially children. Victims may develop a great fear of dogs, and since pets are an important part of society, this fear can have a serious impact on their life.

Pursuing Compensation After a Dog Bite

In order to pursue fair compensation, Lafayette attorneys often begin a dog bite claim by conducting an investigation. The first step is to obtain a copy of the incident report if one was made. If no police report is available, a lawyer may get in touch with the dog owner and send out letters of representation.

Attorneys also look at the facts of a case to determine all available sources of insurance coverage. The primary source of recovery for a dog-bite injury is homeowners’ insurance, but in some cases, other policies may be available.

Finally, a dog bite lawyer may help facilitate the victim’s medical treatment until they have fully healed. Because medical treatment and surgeries can be expensive, they could help find ways to cover the costs of care pending the receipt of a settlement.

Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite Injury

The most important step to take after a dog bite is to obtain all necessary medical treatment. Dog bites can be extremely dangerous because the wounds can easily become infected. For this reason, it is important to see a doctor and receive all proper care and vaccinations. Even if a wound seems minor at first, victims should allow medical professionals to make this assessment.

Additionally, victims should strongly consider calling a police officer to do an incident report. A police report can be valuable evidence when pursuing compensation. Finally, victims should acquire proper legal representation to protect their rights.

Sometimes, people try to work dog-bite incidents out on their own with insurance adjusters. In fact, insurance companies sometimes quickly offer a check in an attempt to settle a case for the lowest amount possible. In these situations, it is important to remember that the insurance adjuster’s job is to protect the company’s financial interests. The best way for victims to protect their interests is with an experienced attorney by their side.

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