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Settling a Lafayette Car Accident Claim

In a Lafayette car accident case, victims often must decide between accepting a settlement offer or taking their case to trial. Settlement offers negotiated by a skilled personal injury attorney can often provide fair compensation without the uncertainty and hassle of a trial. These offers often cover your medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle crash, settling a Lafayette car accident claim could be the best way to obtain the compensation you need. Discuss your legal options with an experienced attorney.

Reaching a Settlement

Settlements can often be reached through informal negotiations with the insurance carrier or between the lawyers for the respective parties. Mediations are frequently used to reach a settlement in a car accident case, and very rarely, arbitration is used.

The settlement amount has to be mutually agreed upon by both the injured party and the defendant, whether that is the insurance carrier, their lawyer, or the individual. Both sides make offers until the numbers intersect, and then a settlement is reached.

What to Bring to a Consultation with an Attorney

When going to an initial consultation with Lafayette lawyers, a person should bring:

  • A copy of the police report, if available
  • Insurance information
  • Their driver’s license or another form of identification
  • Medical records
  • Documentation of wage loss
  • Anything else that they feel is relevant to the case

Settling Versus Going to Trial

The decision to settle is ultimately with the injury victim, but their personal injury attorney could provide valuable advice. Assuming the settlement offer is a reasonable one, settling ends the litigation for a defined dollar amount. In contrast, going to trial is often a gamble. A lawyer never knows how juries or judges are going to rule, so it is “a bird in the hand is better than two in a bush” situation, assuming the settlement offer is reasonable. Additionally, trials can be very expensive.

The most common reason why someone might refuse to take a settlement offer and instead go to trial is that the defendant or the insurance carrier is not making a reasonable settlement offer.

Benefits of Experienced Legal Counsel

An experienced attorney can be of benefit to someone considering settling a Lafayette car accident claim because they are professionals at resolving claims. Most cases are resolved through a settlement, and victims can benefit from retaining an attorney who has experienced with settlement tactics.  A qualified lawyer could help the accident victim maximizing their recovery.

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision, do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney. A lawyer could evaluate the facts of a situation and determine if you are entitled to compensation. If so, they could assist you in settlement negotiations or trial. Call today to schedule a consultation.