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Lafayette Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollovers are some of the most devastating car accidents because the roof of the car is taking the brunt of an impact rather than the front or back of the vehicle. The tops of vehicles are not made as strong as their sides, and the roof can cave in and injure the head or neck of the occupants.

If you were hurt in a rollover accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. With the help of a Lafayette rollover accident lawyer, you could hold the at-fault party accountable for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Reach out to a dedicated personal injury attorney today to discuss your case.

Common Fact Patterns

Rollover accidents often occur when vehicles lose control and run off the road. That is true for single-car accidents, but rollovers also can occur as a result of an impact.

Because the top of the vehicle receives some of the impact in a rollover accident, victims may have an increased risk of head trauma compared to rear- or side-impact collisions. Rollovers can lead to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or even death.

Preventing a Rollover Accident

Unfortunately, people cannot predict the future, so there are rollover accidents that cannot be prevented. For example, a negligent driver may run a red light and push another driver off of the road into a ditch. In other cases, drivers try to unsafely pass on two-lane highways, and drivers are run off the road by oncoming vehicles.

Even though some crashes caused by other drivers are unpreventable, there are actions people can take to minimize injuries in the event of accident. For example, a person should always make sure that they are buckled up, their children are restrained and in proper car seats, and their tires have good trim on them to avoid blowouts and running off the road. Drivers should try to stay off their cellphone and be aware of other vehicles.

Documentation and Evidence After a Crash

After a rollover accident in Lafayette, the first step is to seek medical attention, if necessary. People should also call the police and allow them to make a detailed accident report. If an accident case proceeds to litigation, it can be important to have this documentation available. Finally, many people choose to contact a personal injury attorney soon after an accident.

Seek the Services of a Lafayette Rollover Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in a rollover crash caused by another person’s negligence, consider contacting a dedicated car wreck attorney as soon as possible. After an injury, you deserve to relax and focus on your health instead of worrying about medical bills and negotiating with insurance companies.

A Lafayette rollover accident lawyer could help set up your claim with the insurance company, send you to doctors to make sure you receive proper medical attention, and help you facilitate the repair or replacement of their vehicle. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin working towards full and fair compensation for your injuries.