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Lafayette Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Parking lot accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, and ensuing property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages can cause a huge financial burden for the injured party. On top of that, a person struck by a vehicle in a parking lot may face significant pain and psychological distress.

If you were involved in a parking lot accident, you should reach out to a Lafayette parking lot accident. A dedicated car accident attorney could evaluate your case to determine whether you are entitled to compensation. Each case is unique, and with the help of a qualified lawyer, you could rest assured that your interests will be protected every step of the way.

Common Accidents That Occur in Parking Lots

When it comes to parking lot accidents, most people think of fender-benders and other minor incidents in which no one really gets hurt or suffers damages. However, parking lots are full of distracted drivers who may be texting, setting their GPS, searching for a radio station or playlist, or even scolding children. In short, there is a myriad of reasons why a person might not be giving their full attention to driving in a parking lot, and regardless of the reason, distracted drivers are prone to accidents.

Some of the most common incidents that occur in parking lots include:

  • Collisions with another car or pedestrian due to missing or not following parking lot signs
  • Collisions with another car or pedestrian due to driving too quickly in narrow areas
  • Sideswiping another car due to reckless driving
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Rear-end collisions from following the preceding car too closely
  • Backing into another car or pedestrian due to distracted driving

All these situations could represent negligence on the part of one or more involved parties, which means all of them could serve as grounds for a civil lawsuit. To determine whether a particular set of circumstances might give rise to a civil case, speak with a Lafayette parking lot accident attorney as soon as possible after the incident occurs.

How Personal Injury Law Plays a Role in Parking Lot Accidents

Louisiana allows anyone injured in a parking lot accident to recover damages in a civil action so long as they were injured directly because of another person’s negligence. It is also important to know that Louisiana is a comparative fault state. Sometimes, however, a person might be partially responsible for their own accident. When this is the case, comparative fault rules apply.

Essentially, when a person is partially at fault for their own injury, their damages may be reduced by a percentage equivalent to the degree of fault they themselves bear for their accident. So, if someone was found 30 percent at fault for an accident in which they suffered injuries, their total recoverable damages would be likewise reduced by 30 percent.

Furthermore, under the prescription period established by state law, a plaintiff in such a case has one year from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit. Once the one-year window has closed, that person may lose their right to sue. The exceptions to this rule are few and far between, so contacting a parking lot accident lawyer in Lafayette immediately after an accident is usually a good move.

Speak With a Lafayette Parking Lot Accident Attorney

A careless driver can cause serious harm, even while traveling at low speeds in a parking lot. Every driver has a duty to adhere to safety standards whenever and wherever they are operating a motor vehicle, which means they may be held civilly liable if they strike another person or vehicle while entering, exiting, or maneuvering through a lot.

If you were in a parking lot accident recently due to the negligence of another driver, you should contact an experienced Lafayette parking lot accident lawyer regarding your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses, and filing a lawsuit with the assistance of a qualified attorney could help you recover that compensation while still ensuring your rights are protected. To find out what you may be able to receive, call today to schedule a consultation.